Amazon Echo

Looks neat:


Just saw that too…
Will it integrate with ST ? may be too early to ask but wondering …

I was litterally about to post this!

Too early yet :frowning:

It does look rather cool! We totally need to interface this to ST so we can use it for voice command, then I can realize my long standing ambition to opening my garage door just by saying “Open the pod bay doors Hal” :smile:


Damn…we all have quick trigger fingers…

Just saw it too. Definitely looks awesome. If only I could talk to my sonos. I bet the echo sound quality isn’t as good though.

I was hoping that Apple would release something like this to take Siri commands around the house…and at the same time beef up Siri to do more.

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Yes please

Probably not but would be good enough to use as the “Voice of the House” with the right support, then you use the Sonos for the real music stuff …

I bet it will be closed source. No API to speak of i bet. Tried to find one just now and coldn’t

Looks like I’m late to the party. The limited time $99 is very tempting

The thing that I like about the music side is that it is bluetooth, so you can stream spotify or any other content from your phone to it, unlike sonos. I also hate these separate ecosystems that don’t mesh well together; namely, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft. I think it’s great that they have their own ecosystems, as it it results in innovation and healthy competition; however, I wish they would all be open enough so that they would work well together.

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Me too. Top questions I have are, what calendar/todo/shopping lists/music service. I would be surprised if the services I use now would be supported.

Amazon has a nasty, Apple-Like track record for walling off devices from its content services. That means changing things up on three computers and three mobile devices just to be able to use this thing… and that is not going to happen.

Sexy though. At 99 bucks they’ll sell all they have available to prime subscribers as I have paid that much just for my mini jamboxes, but I think this thing needs a cord so that is one more strike against it.

Damn, I need to be faster to be the first one to post these things! haha

Integration or not, this thing looks like a really nice implementation of the technology and for $99 its worth it to play with.

If I thought this would work with ST, I would seriously consider selling my UBI and moving to this instead


Hate SONOS! Want this thing.

I’m hoping we’ll see that in the next rev of the AppleTV.

Please don’t say that! You will give me a heart attack! :wink: I have two unopened Sonos 1 in my car right now! And 1 from Halloween! Please say you hate the 5’s and not the 1’s. :slight_smile:

Only assuming but I think he doesn’t like Sonos due to their poor API and lack of STs capability due to the poor API.

The speakers themselves are great.

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