Amazon echo with Schlage lock via SmartThings

Great work! I have a Schlage lock as well and would love to be able to do this! Are you going to make this available for others? :smile:

He did it utilizing a virtual switch more likely than not. You can set this up within a few minutes if you wanted. Check the Amazon Echo post somewhere on here for more details.

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Do you have a link to the post detailing how to do this?

Hi this is sweet I’m looking to do the same. A detailed guide on how you got them to integrate with one another would be much appreciated.

Did anyone found the link for this process?

It’s super easy one way, and not so easy but doable another way.

  1. Super easy – just use IFTTT.

Use Alexa channel as the IF and SmartThings Channel as the THAT in an IFTTT recipe and you’re done. :sunglasses:

“Alexa, trigger unlock the front door” or whatever phrase you want to use after the word “trigger.”

  1. Use a virtual switch.

2a) create a routine that unlocks the door.
2b) create a virtual switch.
2c) tie that virtual switch to the routine. (Alexa Helper is one way to do this)
2d) authorize the virtual switch to Echo.

From then on “Alexa, turn on myswitch” will turn on the virtual switch which will run the routine which will unlock the door.

There are links in the Echo integration FAQ, and yet another method.

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well, I will recommend not to use IFTt it takes too long to open the door.

Simple create a routine that openes the door and (unlock door)

Create a virtual switch that will run the rutine.

Install the Alexa Helper app from the marketplace

Activate th scenario inside the Alexa helper app.

Open the Alexa app and allow the Visual switch to be discover by Alexa .

Run Alexa discovery

Put the switch into a group and name it anything you like , I did name it Door

Then call Alexa turn on the door !

That’s all !!!

If a lot of users are confused with the directions I can make a video with step by step instructions.

IFTTT has different lag for different people. At my house it’s a pretty consistent 8 seconds, which works for most of my use cases. But it’s slower for some other people, you just have to test and see.

True, but, running the automation through ST cloud vs. iftt the ST is faster … You don’t want your guests waiting 8 secs to open the lock.

Iftt is great but is your network is overwhelmed like mine you can’t wait for the alexa reaching the end server go to iftt then come back to ST cloud then your hub then to your lock.

As you said test and retest to what works for you best.

For me the less serves the fastest will work !

I’m using Sharptools/Tasker with AutoVoice and OK Google on my tablet to do this.
Sharptools is authorized to operate the lock.
AutoVoice intercepts OK Google commands locally on the tablet, and if they match commands configured in Tasker profiles it sends those commands to Tasker. So I say
"OK Google, unlock the front door" and it unlocks within about a second.
“Ok Google, lock the front door” likewise locks it in a second.

Though really, I don’t need the ‘lock’ voice command. Because the door auto-locks when closed, and if it’s been unlocked but closed for two minutes (such as if I’ve used the voice-unlock command but the door never opened) it likewise auto-locks.

i would love to see the Echo mic array sold as a separate Bluetooth mic. Mount it on a ceiling, mount a small but good “always on” bluetooth speaker elsewhere on the ceiling, connect them to your android tablet… Google could go a long way toward making their voice service more palatable by having you be able to assign a different name, rather than saying “ok Google” all the time. It would increase the wife acceptance factor significantly lol

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It’s called Amazon Dot.


Yeah I know… but I don’t need it to contain the Alexa logic as I’m doing all that with OK Google. All I need is the array mic and bluetooth connection.

That said, I will definitely pick up at least one Dot when they become generally available and see how I can integrate it.

I, for one, am confused and I’m sure others are too!.. if you could make that step-by-step video I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate it!

I can’t seem to find the Alexa Helper app in the smartthings marketplace… what am i missing?


Alexa Helper and ST Routines are not necessary…just 1 way to skin the cat.

I created a virtual momentary switch with the Virtual Device Manager app which I called “Alexa - Unlock Front Door” (named other door locks appropriately). You can name it whatever you want but designating it “Alexa -” helps me keep my switches in order and my Virtual Switches labeled so I know their function.

I pulled that into the Amazon Alexa app as a device. I then setup a group named “Unlock Front Door”.

Lastly I used the new CoRE rule engine (used Rule Machine in the past) and setup a “Piston” (rule) for each lock.

This way, I didn’t have to setup anything extra that I wasn’t already using for other purposes in ST.

I do recommend setting your Pistons to only in “Home” mode so that they cannot be triggered when you are in Away or Goodnight modes.


I was able to setup the Virtual Device Manager and created the 2 virtual momentary switches for lock and unlock, however you lost me at “pulled that into the Amazon Alexa app as a device.”.
I tried running device discovery in Smart Home on Alexa but it didn’t find anything new.
Any suggestions?

Did you add it in the Alexa app within ST?

I’ll follow up here w/screen shot in a minute

Did you remember to add them in the ST Alexa app 1st?

Ok. I had missed that step.
Got that. They’re added to the groups, now.
I found the CoRE and have managed to install it as as a Smartapp via IDE, but I don’t see it in the list of My Apps in the Marketplace.
I realize this is becoming off-topic for this thread, perhaps, but if you have any suggestions I’d appreciate the help!