Amazon Echo -> SmartThings -> Harmony; Worked for a year, now doesn't work (July 2018)

My Harmony hub works with Alexa but when I try to connect to SmartThings I get an error on the web page that tries to login (doesn’t even ask for username password). Is this the issue you all are talking about?

After over half hour hour wait with samsung cs. They say its amazon. Powered up/down echo. Still same problem. Now on amazon cs phone call which will probably be a complete waste time. Stuck in the silo vortex of everyone pointing fingers at each other. Saying the problem is not on there end. Amazon wants me to hard reset my system, but not right now because there servers are having problems connecting new devices.

You people are crazzy. I am not your test monkey!!

  1. Give us the ability to back up our systems in 2 ways:
  2. Hardware config file backup/load functionality.
  3. Program file backup/ load functionality.
    I will absolutely never hard reset my configuration with 100+ devices… i will not reprogram from scratch, i have better things to do with my time.
  4. Allow users to prevent firmware pushes. Stop breaking my system!!!
  5. Fix your software validation process before pushing to users. Truely validate your firmware. Man if I did this to my customers, i would not have a job/career. My employer would loose therr customers.
    Such cheape micky mouse crap… what ever happened to taking pride in your work and doing the job correctly!!

Guess i should figure out how to spam st support ticket request email server. This should be fun…

I have the same problem with Alexa complaining, "“Hmmm, I’m having trouble reaching SmartThings” when calling up a Harmony Hub activity. This has seemingly started since the last SmartThings hub firmware update. I’ve written to with a full description of the problem (and the fact that it works just fine with my Google Home.) When I wrote them, I also included a link to this forum post, so that the SmartThings support folk can see that others are having this same issue. I remember a similar issue last year, and it took a bunch of people writing to to let them know about that issue. Once they received enough reports, they posted an official announcement about it (and eventually solved it. Back then, I think it was an Amazon API-related issue that had to be worked out with SmartThings.) So, if you haven’t written to support@smartthings about the current problem, please do, as that will help raise the awareness to them. And, hopefully, we’ll receive an official announcement about the issue, and hopefully, soon after, a fix.

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Having the same issue, I can’t jump over to Yonami or another platform since I’m using Webcore to run presence & scheduled routines to control Harmony hub through Smartthings (still working). With 2 hubs, I use the Harmony Skill to control the 1st hub and Smartthings to control the 2nd hub, both are now broken using Alexa.

Hope they get this fixed soon.

I just followed the advice of @kalel and emailed and linked to this thread. If you haven’t already done so, please consider doing the same. It appears we need critical mass for them to research the problem. Thanks everyone, and I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.


Well, I’ve been absent from the community for a pretty good while because my setup has been pretty stable. I hope we’re not headed the other direction.

I’m being affected by the same issue. One idea I had is to create a virtual switch in ST that is just an “alias” for the harmony switch. My hope is that Alexa will discover this virtual switch and provide me a temporary work around.

I opened a ticket with Smartthings 3 days ago and not a single response yet. Quite frustrating.

Adding my name to the list. For me only “Turn on Apple TV” seems to work. All the other activities fail the same way as described in this thread.

Finally heard from support. "It’s broken because you don’t have the integration installed. Here’s a link to setting it up "… As opposed to basic research to see there’s an actual problem. (I waited a few days before removing it and trying the alexa skill side support was no show)
I waited over a week to have the two minute response with no effort to identify the problem. AARRRGGGGHHHH.

I just tested the virtual switch idea and it works.

I built a virtual switch and then created a quick and dirty core piston to trigger the Harmony activity when the virtual switch is turned on. I had Alexa discover the virtual switch. I gave the voice command to turn on the TV and the activity ran as expected.

I’m now going to do away with the piston and create a handler to manage this cleaner. It sucks that we have to resort to this type of rubber band and toothpicks approach.

Do you mind sharing the handler when you complete it? It would be greatly appreciated here.

I think I got a little ahead of myself. :roll_eyes:

It may well be just as easy to create a routine or Smart Lighting rule with out getting all fancy pants.

So , just received a response from Samsung/Smart Things, Finally!!!

They acted as if they had never heard of this problem (go figure)…So it was the usual response, take the batteries out and hard boot the ST Hub,and reset skills,Yada Yada…Still NO workie!!!

I think I am just about done with this ST Hub thing and going to go back to my Universal Devices ISY994ZW.

Which seems to be working flawlessly by the way,!

Universal Devices got back to me to help in just hours vs Samsung’s 3 days to get back to me!!!

You have to make up your own mind, but in my opinion you’ll be exchanging one set of problems for another. ST does some stupid things and/or breaks stuff from time to time but you generally have enough flexibility in the platform design to work around these problems.

(Although I have a funny feeling Samsung is about to fix all that flexibility…and I mean fix like you fix a dog)

So how did that go?

All I can tell you regarding using the ISY. I have been using it already for a couple of years, and it has wored flawlessly!

I just recently linked it with Alexa and again no issues. I just need a bit of help in the IST Portal process and UD was quick to answer!

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It may not be a SmartThings issue. Has anybody talked to Logitech or Amazon?

Pretty sure it’s a SmartThings issue, since people report everything is still working with Google Home and there hasn’t been more of an outcry on the other forums.

There was a similar issue last month ST where simulated switches were being reported as “scenes” to echo rather than as switches. If I had to guess, I would guess this is related, but I don’t know.

Odd since the work around I employed uses virtual/simulated switches.

The point is that there are multiple different types of virtual switches, SmartThings has been changing the DTH for some of them on the platform side, and this has been causing some problems with Echo integrations. Se the thread I linked to for examples.

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