Amazon Echo Smart app Missing

Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, but I’ve been working on this problem all day and can’t find anything anywhere. I had to reset my smartthings hub to fix another problem. Now my amazon echo won’t find any of my lights in my ST app. I’ve tried disabling and enabling the ST skill in Amazon app multiple times. I think the problem may be that I can’t find the Amazon Echo Smart app in ST app. It’s nowhere to be found.

i had the same issue before. drove me crazy. i did contact support and it was resolved. i cannot remember exactly what happened. BUT! i do remember it had something to do with caching. go to alexa app and " forget" all smart home stuff then 24 hours later try again

Ok. I’ll try that . Thank you.

Go to your Alexa app and delete and re-add the Smartthings skill. That will re-install the app