Amazon Echo now Links to the Wink hub

Just saw on my Amazon Echo app that they’ve added official integration to the Wink hub. That makes Hue, Wemo and now Wink. Soon we’ll see Iris, Staples Connect, the defunct Revolv, and maybe Smartthings. In that order.

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It looks like the hub is not required either. Any device that connects to the Wink cloud can be controlled by the Echo. I’ve got my three Pivot Power Genius’s being controlled by the Echo now!


I just hope you guys realize that we are only willing to wait until something better starts to compete and lets us hook all of our devices to their hub. Hell if the echo had a z-wave hub in it, you might have had people jumping ship left and right.

That would be awesome! But the Echo+Wink integration gets you pretty damn close.

The Echo is only a client. It does not have server features in it. It makes use of Amazon’s web services for it’s processing (and does this QUITE well).

I just finished up an Alexa Skills Kit App to tie into Nest…

Im starting on one to tie into SmartThings using the system I built for my Home Dashboard… Home Automation Dashboard (HAD)

…Hopefully I will have it done soon! Im trying for less than two weeks…


@zpriddy I got a good laugh from some of your sample utterances :laughing: Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for SmartThings!

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Haha, I was wondering how long it would take some one to read though all of them… I left it open to my coworkers to add to it… and well… you saw what happened… It leads to some really funny interactions with Alexa when they are over… lol

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I have been making progress on my SmartThings integration with the Echo… I am going to keep posting on this page: Playing around with Amazon Echo (technical interface discussion)

I will also keep doing updates on my website:

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Now the ST hub connects to Amazon Echo as well. :heart_eyes: