Amazon Echo DOT HELP

Hi All,

Ive just purchased and set up Amazon DOT. It seems to turn on my lights which have HUE bulbs in perfectly, but anything which has a Fibaro Dimmer or Samsung Smart outlet plug it does not detect.

With the Fibaro Dimmer 2 i have a lot of lights and would like that to work with voice command, It also does not turn on my lamp which is connect to the Samsung Plug.

Anyone got any ideas?


Did you go into the Alexa App in ST and select them for detection?

Hi There - yes they are all showing, but alexa says nothing is detected.

Should it be able to activate the plug and the fibaro?

To be clear, did you get the stand alone Amazon Alexa app (it’s a blue icon app, not to be confused with the askAlexa app)?

In Smartthings, go to automations, then Amazon Alexa app, select “allow Alexa to access all routines and devices”. Then in the Amazon Alexa app, goto smart home, scroll down and select discover devices?

Ok guys sorted it - Thanks for your help.

It was very weird. Basically I have a Dining Room Cabinet with led lights in it which are connecting to the Smarthings outlet. the ceiling light in the dining room is a Philips hue. When i created a group called Dining Room, it would only turn on the Philips hue but not the cabinet light. I have created another group just for the cabinet and it now works.

The one with the Fibaro, it was called Hall way, but i renamed as Hallway and it now works perfectly.

Not still sure why the smarthings outlet cannot be grouped, very strange.