Amazon Echo DOES Voice Notifications!

I read through this thread and only saw mention of Android devices. Are there any solutions for iOS out there where I can make the Echo Dot read out notifications when I enter the house?

I do not know if any iOS solutions for this, sorry.

You can pick up an Android device for cheap nowadays though. I’ve seen several community members pick up a cheap Android phone or tablet just to dedicate to home automation - often times the tablet even doubles as a wall mounted interface!

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Perfect! Going to go pick up a cheap android tablet now and use it as a wall-mounted interface and connect it to my Echo!

you should then install EchoSistant!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check it out!

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Well push notifications are finally here… for Amazon at least! We now get push notifications when someone calls us or messages us through Alexa. So do any of you know if they’ve opened this functionality up in their developer API too??

They still have the challenge of alerting individually to specific speakers within the house as opposed to alerting ALL of the speakers within an account. I am sure they will solve this, but right now developers have no access to any sort of push notification expect to external (i.e. Sonos) speakers like is done on Ask Alexa.

I agree that the big news last week from Amazon was disappointing, for some.
But, there is already a way to talk to individual rooms in your home, record messages for playback later, set reminders, and much much more… All via Alexa and ST connected speakers.

Take a look at EchoSistant. I assure you’ll be glad you did. It is the BEST way to communicate with and control your home automation.

It is also the ONLY smartapp that allows you speak to Alexa like a person instead of robot… Which means you can say exactly what you want to… Not predetermined canned commands and responses.

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There is an update for the Alexa app that lets you block individual contacts! Go update your app and block away!

Noticing you specified Android in your post, but wondering if anyone knows about anything for iOS?

I’m playing with this now. Have it working for a few test switches and contact sensors. I’m now trying to do a “talk at x time” but it’s not working.

Am I doing something wrong?



I have all of my devices talking through tablets and dnla speakers using webCoRE.

It’s pretty straightforward. Give it a try.

I have been thinking of doing the same, are you using Lannouncer on the tablets? also wheter it’s tablet or dnla speakers is there any delay for actions if so how bad is it?

In my big talker default configuration, I have “Don’t talk before” and “after” set instead of talk at specific time. I am not using LANnouncer though. I have Raspberry pi running VLC and a small speaker connected to it.