Amazon Echo DOES Voice Notifications!

so is there a way to integrate it so i can do push notification?

@nirrrr, so, your other option is to have an always on PC running VLC. I haven’t tried that integration yet, but should work as well.

You can use the PC to connect to Echo via Bluetooth, and use the Stereo Mix option to still have sound coming from the PC (and mute the Bluetooth when you only need “local” sound).

well… I went to walmart and bought several cheap android devices (must have android 5.0 or higher) off of the clearance shelf for 10.00 dollars. I installed LanDroid on them and connect them to my Dots via bluetooth.

works like a charm.

I also have wifi speakers connected to ST… those work great as well

A couple cheap Android devices that work are listed in this thread:

Also, the Amazon Fire Tablet 7 (currently $39.99) works as well. The only problem I’ve seen is that the tablets disconnect from Bluetooth. I’m not sure if that’s the result of a bad connection, the tablet going into sleep mode, or the speaker going into sleep mode.

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if you are using the Dots… buy a cable and connect them directly to the dot… works a lot better.

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Yep. I have Dots.

awesome… find you some cheap android devices, install the software… and then choose your smartapp…

I think you will really like EchoSistant… It’s free form speech. nothing precanned… You say what you want and your message is repeated back on the remote device.

ahh so you use android to connect the speaker to st. So basically a android device is a must have. I guess a android device to have home automation dock would be perfect since it can be used to turn things off and on and do the push notification.

I think I kinda went overboard on the tablets. I have 2 areas that need tablets for Harmony Hubs (and Smartthings, of course) and to kick TTS voice notifications to Dots (both via Bluetooth).

I bought 3x Fire Tablet 7 and 2x Nuvision 7. The only problem with the Fires is the limitations of Fire OS (anti-Google but easy to get around, and no root access).

The plan was to have 2 dedicated to the entertainment rooms and one in the bedroom. I was going to return 1-2 of the Fires if the Nuvision worked out. Now, you’ve given me another spot for a dedicated, the kitchen, where one of my Dots is located.

Have you given EchoSistant a look yet???

With all of those tablets and dots… you’ll be able to send messages all over the house… plus alert notifications… like “The front door is open” and presence arrival/departure…

As soon as version 3.0 is out…

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Not yet. From a quick read, I thought I had to have CoRE installed. I haven’t ventured into CoRE yet.

Sidenote: Wish I would’ve known to stalk Walmart for those clearance tablets before I purchased.

No, you do not have to have CoRE installed. EchoSistant is its own independent smartapp. It is however
integrated with CoRE. Which means you can build a piston in CoRE and you can have that piston voice
controlled using EchoSistant.

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Oh, nice. I’m going to have to put that on my todo list of the next Smartapp to try.

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For me, at least, the Android tablet was a significantly cheaper route than other options. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about the tablet being used for much else outside of HA and remote control activities.

Though, keeping them in common areas (and because Fire OS prevents Kiosk Mode), I’ve had a few guests who want to do things like surf the web and watch YouTube on them, which is fine.

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Keep in mind, these aren’t ultra-powerful tablets that would be used for games, full entertainment devices or anything like that.

These are budget devices that I use strictly for HA and universal remote via Harmony. And, they were kinda meant to be disposable if they stop functioning 6 months down the road.

For the price of one “decent” Harmony remote, I got 5 tablets that can control all my smart devices, control my Harmony Hubs, cast to my Chromecast (mainly from Kodi via Localcast or from Google Home), allow me to issue commands to Alexa (native on the Kindle Fire, via apps on the others), receive notifications from Smartthings, AND send TTS notifications back to Alexa or any Bluetooth speaker.

Sounds like you got a great deal there!

How are you sending the TTS to Alexa?

I was going to buy tablets precisely for HA as a dock on the wall for switches but this is just a added bonus. However i was hoping to just wait it out till i have my new place .

I heard that the dot/alexa is working on a update that would allow push notification. Has there been any news on the ETA on that?

I forgot to mention, it’s also simple enough that the wife can use them without knowing what I know.

That’s a huge WAF boost. She’s been plastered to the couch everyday learning to use Kodi or controlling everything from the tablet that’s plugged in there (cheesy USB built into a console on the couch).

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I heard that to… I’ve been putting if buying more speakers because if it… I have 3 echos and 6 dots.

That will be awesome when released. Will add more function and make my life that much easier.

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