Amazon Echo DOES Voice Notifications!

Who is Morgan?

Morgan Freeman. See post #24.

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Yep, The Echo was the main reason for my Wife’s approval on HA expansion :smile:

I have this running on a Tablet for almost 4 months now and it works perfect. Android Tablet, connected via Bluetooth to Echo, running Private Dancer (DLNA Render), Automate (for task automations), SharpTools, SmartTiles (the best Dashboard), IFTTT app to receive notifications (to play messages or start actions) and the Ring app so it shows me who is at the Front Door.
Note: Since the begging of this project I was able to keep the Bluetooth connection to Echo, while playing Amazon Prime music receive Notifications from the Tablet and start commands on the Echo.

Since then I’ve already added a second Android tablet, now to my Bedroom (the first one is on the Living room), and it is also working great (with Echo).


Just go here:

Thanks! worked, going to try this today.

LOL indeed. Your wish is my command. Check out Rule Machine, now with the ability to speak a message.


You should be able to have Morgan Freeman talk to you via Echo using the VLC Thing Device Type with VLC installed on a Windows/Mac/Linux machine. Then you just redirect the audio output from the computer to the Echo using Bluetooth. I just setup VLC Thing with my Raspberry Pi B+ but I’m experiencing issues with audio clipping during playback. Still investigating.

I got to the point where i can play the test from my phone and have it play on the Echo, however its super jerky and not smooth, the bluetooth connection between the Echo and my computer I guess sucks :frowning:

Unfortunately the voice is not as smooth as Alexa. That’s because Alexa us text to speech and this is voice synthesis… at least that’s how I understand it.

Something I did that helps…

Make your message just like this, including the dots

…This is a test

This dots cause a pause, which helped mine be much smoother.

Let me know if that helps

My wife told me she’d kill me if I didn’t get rid of that voice immediately. I even had it telling her how beautiful and wise she is. Man, four dots doesn’t fix that!!


This seems to work pretty well for me. Based on JDR’s comments about the Echo not being usable for anything else while Bluetooth is connected, I never even bothered to try. But after the OP’s comments, I installed the required apps. The voice is not quite as good as Alexa, but it is pretty good. I installed LAN announcer on a Samsung tablet we use in the kitchen, and after installing it, the tablet downloaded some Samsung premium TTS voice. I would say that it’s probably about 90% as good as Alexa.

Also, I have not noticed any functionality loss of the Echo while it’s paired as a Bluetooth speaker. I can still use it to stream it’s own music, and respond to voice commands. I don’t get the notifications while it’s streaming music, but I consider that to be expected.

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Of that you aren’t getting notifications during streaming… Mine has been working great.

One thing I did was add 4 … Little dots before each message “…This is how I do it”

This causes a pause allowing echo to stop the music and start the speech without an overrun of the two.


Here’s a post for a smartapp I created for canned Alexa responses. Custom messages aren’t supported, but it should cover a majority of the scenarios.

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Here is a post about one of my reports.


I’m still trying to process all of this. I got rid of my UBI and I miss the announcements.

Am I reading all of this properly. I Just need an android device and my existing Echo and I can have that functionality back???

Can I accomplish this with the $49.99 Amazon fire they have on sale right now? I don’t NEED another tablet, but I don’t have an android tablet and I’m pretty certain those puppies can be re-worked to do everything an android tablet can.

Then again… (and I’ll dig through the forum to see if there’s a definitive answer)… is there a recommended BUDGET tablet that will do all of this??

Yes, I’m using an old Samsung s4 phone. You just have to have an Android device running Android 5.0 or newer.
You can tablet on Amazon fitting this bill for about 50.00.

I’m going to get done of then and use them in different rooms of the house. Each tablet can also be an individual speaker.

You can have messages go to the entire house, or just to devices you want.

Any alternatives out there for a Kit Kat version of Android? I have several cheapo Kit Kats lying around. I don’t want to spend $50 just to run this App, hope there’s an alternative.

The approach @ErnieG uses with SharpTools + Tasker should support back to Android 3.0:

Amazon Echo to trigger and announce a report via Sharptools

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Does Big Talker 1.1.15 work for this? I know it was said that 1.1.14 doesn’t work.

I don’t know. I’m still on .13. It works and I haven’t seen a reason to change it. The brew additions are all things I have echo do anyway that are native.