Amazon Echo $139.99 + Tax at some Lowes w/renovo coupon

(Jason) #1

It looks like Amazon echo is still available on sale for $159.99 (and available for parcel shipping at some of these locations)

Combine it with a $20 off of $100 purchase (From Renovo) to get to $139.99 + Tax

LOWES Locations it’s still on sale:

Location                QTY        Price
PEARLAND, TX	         3	   $159.99
MONROE, LA	         6	   $159.99
ROSENBERG, TX	         7	   $159.99
LAWNSIDE, NJ	         5	   $159.99
S.E. HOUSTON, TX	12	   $159.99
BUNKER HILL, TX	         8	   $159.99

(Rey Rios) #2

What is renovo? and what locations are these? Best Buy? I am also in Houston.

(Rey Rios) #3

Nevermind. I remembered the renovo codes.

(Jason) #4

Sorry, silly I didn’t put the store in. Those are lowes store locations.

use: and click the 20 off 100 coupon

(Ran) #5

Free shipping from the Houston location!


Any deals on the GE 3 speed fan switch?
Lowe’s Item #: 650035 | Model #: 12730222
Thanks in advance

(Jason) #7

I seached it earlier (for myself) and there was one discounted somewhere with no shipping. I’ll look it back up.

(Jason) #8
Location       QTY      Price
MANKATO, MN	1	$26.99
PALM BAY, FL	1	$26.99

No shipping available on either-


Thanks. I;m trying to get the script install on my Android but not having luck. I installed tampermonkey but not sure how to get the script installed

(Jason) #10

Ive only used it on chrome desktop

(Devesh Batra) #11

Thanks. bought an Echo for our kid so she can leave my echo alone

(Jason) #12

This deal is still active in case anyone is still looking. Echo is still available With free shipping from the following:

Location                       Qty      Price
Rosenberg, TX	                7	$159.99
Lawnside, NJ	                6	$159.99
S.E. Houston, TX           	12	$159.99
Bunker Hill of Houston, TX	10	$159.99