Amazon calling for Voice Interoperability Initiative

…but only Alexa and its buddies seem interested LOL

“As much as people would like the headline that there’s going to be one voice assistant that rules them all, we don’t agree,” says Amazon’s SVP of devices and services Dave Limp.

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Very interesting. To cut to the chase, this initiative is saying that an individual device should be able to listen for more than one wake word at the same time. :speaking_head:

Baidu and Microsoft are on board for this, which is interesting, and it would definitely make consumers happy.

Apple is never going to do this, but their brand experience indicates they don’t have to.

Google is the big question, and in particular If this could be built into android at the OS level.


I have:

Hey Google
Hey Siri

They all do different things. How would this work in my situation?

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Ask Bixby it might have your answer.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Now that was funny!

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The idea is that you could speak to one device using the wake word for the assistant that you want to access. That’s really all this initiative is about so far. Enabling hardware manufacturers to include the software for multiple voice assistants.

Microsoft has done the most on this so far, enabling both Cortana and some other voice assistants on a single Windows laptop.

But people are mostly thinking about manufacturers like Sonos or in particular some of the smart televisions being able to process multiple wake words to access different assistants.

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I think this is what people dreamed of with the Sonos One. Running both Alexa and Google Assistant at the same time and speaking the respective wake word would call the associated assistant.


It can only be a win-win situation for everyone. We save money buying one device instead of two, Google gets in more houses with Alexa, and Amazon sells more gadgets in their store selling Alexa enabled Google-Nest hubs. There isn’t one winner here, just Alexa in more devices :slight_smile: