Amazon alexa reduced compatiblity

It used to have support for door control, and garage door control… They seem to have removed those devices from the itntegration… I used to be able to say alexa open or close “larry garage door etc”

is there a 3rd party app or integration that adds this back/

I know you can give these devices switch control and say turn on garage door, etc. But I want the old functionality back…

I noticed it when i was trying to get my new vent working…

You should check out Ask Alexa. Michael just released a new version today ([RELEASE] Ask Alexa 2.3.8) and here is the long thread here ([RELEASE] Ask Alexa)

It works for all items associated with Smartthings and the developer is very active on this site.

You can just create some routines within the Alexa app, with the phrase of your choice.

not you cannot , read the documentation routines will not work from alexa with doors etc.

Create a virtual switch for the door and use it instead? Not sure just thinking off top of my head


that would work but defeats the purpose… i already have switch control as i said so can say alex turn on garage door, but want to say alexa open garage door. Probably need the 3rd party ask alexa mentioned, but is seems overkill for what i need it to do… just look at all the smart apps and other crap you need to installl to get it working. I really like the alexa native support. You can already ask for lock status etc. now.

I’m using a custom DH for my garage door opener, which is seen as a switch to Alexa. So I guess that’s why it works for me.

You would need to use a combination of @RightHand ‘s suggestion and @JohnHoke ‘s suggestion.

Create a virtual switch in smartthings which then triggers whatever you want to have happen in smartthings, maybe run a smartthings routine. ( if you need to have the switch get turned off again, then just have that same routine turn it off.)

Now create an Amazon routine using the Amazon app, that turns on that switch whenever you say your preferred phrase.

Some words may be reserved for echoes own use, so I’m not sure if you can have a routine called “open Michael’s garage door” If the word “open” is an echo reserved word. I just don’t know.

But you should be able to find some synonym that you like. Maybe “enter” Instead of “open” and “shut” instead of “close.” You may have to experiment a bit.

The advantage of Amazon routines is that you can use any phrase you like that isn’t a reserved word. The disadvantage is that you have to say exactly that phrase, it’s not a natural language interface like other echo commands.

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acdtuall thanks that should work directly , thanks, i already have modified my garage door dsrivers so they respond as a switch, so your right as long as alexa thinks they are a switch can add a prefered phrase to turn on the switch with the phrase being open garage door… where in the alexa app do you setup personalized phrases, or do i need to install “ask alexa” which is overkill for what i want.


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just looked more into it routines in alexa let me turn on deivces/switches but they dont seem to be able to turn them off?

it works for devices like my dog gate, and my wifes garage door because they have a relay/switch i installed that shuts off when turned on… So both alexa close cindys garage door and open cindys garage door, just turn on the switch.

However my garage door is a true integrated garage door zwave etc, and i would need alexa to be able to turn of switches , not sure why in the hell you can only turn them on but not off in routines?

When you create the routine for off/close, tap/toggle the device to let Alexa know you want it to be turned off.

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It’s an Official Amazon feature, very easy to set up and use just using the Amazon Alexa app. See the video on the following Amazon support page:

I have several z-wave shades, which act like dimmer switches. Using the new alexa routines, I’m now able to say “open” and “close” instead of “turn on” and “turn off.”

It’s improved the WAF in this case.

Yep thanks everyone got it working. Just weird this used to work directly with Amazon as long as the device had door control, or garage door cntrol capabilities. Sucks they removed it.