Amazon: 3 Hue RGBW bulbs + 3rd gen Echo Dot $100

edited to update: as @philh30 notes below, the same page has a deal with a coupon on just the bulbs which looks like an even better price if you don’t need the Dot! :money_mouth_face:

This is a very good price but a weird deal, so read carefully to understand what you’re getting.

1 Echo Dot, 3rd gen. This is the old puck style model, No Zigbee radio

3 Hue RGBW Bluetooth/Zigbee bulbs. These are the new bulbs that can use Bluetooth to a phone (or Echo?), no Hue hub required. But if you don’t use the Hue hub you only get a limited set of features. You CAN still use them with a hue hub for full functionality.

No hue hub in this bundle.

So…old model Echo Dot (maybe this bundle is a way for Amazon to sell off old stock).

New model Hue bulbs. They don’t need a Hue hub, but you’ll get more features if you use one.

Very good price. These are usually $135 just for the bulbs.

And even if you can’t use the dot you can use it for trade in credit on your next Echo device purchase.

No idea how long this sale will last, it may depend on 3rd Gen dot inventory. :thinking:

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On that same page, the 3-bulb pack (no Echo) is $79.99, and there’s a 15% off coupon that would bring it to $67.99.

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Wow, really good deal!

I wonder if they’re planning to discontinue the 60W equivalents now that they have the brighter (but more expensive) models?

Or maybe new packaging for Matter?

In any case, very good deal, thanks for pointing it out! :sunglasses:

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