Amazo Echo/Dot

(Eric Anderson) #1

When will we get more access to devices on SmartThings, other then switches and thermostats. Iike routines, door locks and garage doors. Opening doors could use a PIN…


unless i misunderstand the question I already use alexa/dot for garage door and a drive gate. routines are all handled by ST no need for alexa/dot.

has for the pin code… yea not sure about that one

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Limitation with a PIN is that it can’t be “hidden as you type it”; ummm; because you’d have to speak it aloud. So it is hard for this to fit traditional “best practices” for passwords and PINs.

Slightly better would be challenge / response: i.e., Alexa could ask you one of many questions that only authorized users know the answer to.

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #4

Memorize 20 digits of pi somewhere beyond the decimal point, and use a 2 digit rolling code for access. :wink:

(Community Journeyman) #5

Yeah… me too and no PIN is needed. Simply assigned the garage door and\or gate to a simulated (virtual) switch.

(Justin Massengill) #6

See this.

Also, his desire for a pin makes sense. Alexa could very well hear someone through a window or door.

(Bobby) #7

My guess, at the same time we get routines and modes in IFTTT.


lol before i scream through a window to open the garage door I would just kick in a door or break a window either way you would know a door or window had been breached and just on a side note try it…go outside and scream at alexa unless she is sitting next to the window that’s open that you are screaming through i bet you don’t get very good results not to mention how would I know to scream @ Alexa.
it would be very funny to see on the news that some robber was going house to house screaming alexa open the door to see if the house had Alexa

(Eric Anderson) #9

If you are so worried about security, just limit it to lock, close or goodnight.

I really would like to be able to tell Alexa “goodnight” without assigning goodnight to dummy switch.

(Justin Wurth) #10

I think you can already do routines through a virtual switch. Setup to have a routine run if you turn on a virtual switch. You can make it a momentary virtual switch so it resets itself.