Am I getting "false" activity?

When looking at the activity of many of my lights that are currently being controlled by the Smart Lighting App, I often see activity that I don’t think is actually happening. For example, I might see the lights show as turning on and then off within the same minute or one minute apart at any random time. I don’t think this activity is actually happening. I’ve also seen the dimming level change on some of my dimmable lights, again, for no apparent reason. Look at the screen shot for my landscape lights. Why am I getting this false activity on my app?

Oh in past few days I’ve had little bursts of similar activity with my gate sensor! I thought I’d just got it positioned badly, although it was fine when I first set it up. Are your affected lights zwave?

Yes, pretty much all of my lights are being controlled by Zwave. My landscape lights in particular, are all controlled by a Zwave smart switch mounted inside the landscape lighting transformer.

Hmm, I’d be interested to see if anyone else has experienced something like this. Check your histories, folks! :smiley:

similar thing. maybe there’s an error or something?

Is it still happening today? Cos mine was over a few days but not seen a problem in the history since Monday

I still got a bunch last night. I think it’s happening on just about all of my lights.