Alternatives to The Big Switch?


I have a zWave GE Dimmer in my kitchen, Aeon Mulit-sensor motion detector and Phillips Hue Light strips under my kitchen cabinets. At night if I walk into my kitchen and motion is detected, it fires up the Phillps Hue lights and it works perfect. However, sometimes, we turn the kitchen dimmer light on when we walk into the kitchen and I don’t want the Hue light strips to fire up as it’s too bright and wastes those expensive LED bulb hours. I tried to use The Big Switch built-in app under Convenience to basically say “when Dimmer is turned on or off, make sure Hue’s are turned off”, but it’s not working. Support says I am the only person having this issue so it’s not getting much attention. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

I setup the big switch so it turns off everything downstairs (sonos, fan, light, hutch light, table lamps) when i turn off the living room light switch. It works 20% of the time. I typically have to hit the switch 5 or more times to get it to fire. I just got it setup this weekend so I havent cut a support ticket yet.

I’ve had tons of issues with the Big Switch. The app is basically worthless to me because it’s so unreliable.

Note: I have the Linear/Evolve switches, which are supposed to be the best about reporting their state changes to the hub.

I have two cases where I have to double-tap the switch before it fires off the other ones. You have to double tap quickly…tap, wait a few seconds, and then tap again doesn’t work.

I have another situation where I am trying to turn on two other switches based on my main kitchen light switch, and Big Switch just plain never works no matter what I do.

It would be great if it behaved, but it seems to be quite buggy.