Alternative to Sonos Wireless, Definitive Technologies


I am hoping for an integration into alternative wireless speakers systems other than Sonos. Particularly the new systems just recently introduced by Definitive Technologies that run on the Play-Fi Protocol.

(Todd Whitehead) #2

AirPlay integration would be awesome!

(Brice; #3

We created ObyThing Music to allow SmartThings to control music/sounds via your Mac and AirPlay speakers - The next update will include support for controlling Airfoil, which extends the selectable speakers even more. Unfortunately, I don’t believe Play-Fi is supported yet with Airfoil.

(Douglas) #4

There is also the Rocki system (

(Todd Whitehead) #5

Can obything be made to speak alerts for my ST events?

(Brice; #6

Yup, you can use the “Notify with Sound” SmartApp to play a selected sound, playlist, or speak text. If you install the code from our GitHub page, then you will be able to select which speakers it should play on. The currently published version is lagging behind.

(Brian Smith) #7

obything is awesome! very nice airplay support and they offered up revised smartapps since the stock ones for Sonos seem to be broken for them from some recent change.