Alternative Hubs

I’ve looked at HubConnect, but compared to the native offering it’s very complicated for this Hubitat newbie… I like my solutions nice and simple!

I got a report that a temp sensor was too cold in my nh location (the location i have yet to migrate as i am not there and when i mirgrated my other location it failed and it was a mess)

Anyway i went in the classic app and it said to check the new app for the notifictions .
If I go into the new app it doesnt even show the location as it hasnt been migrated!

I reported to support with screen shots and they make excuse after excuse instead of looking into the issue!..


What device(s) are you still running on ST? Is it possible to migrate those devices to Hubitat? That would simplify things greatly. :slight_smile:


maybe they did something at least now i can see the locatoin in the new app even though i have not migrated yet… As I said I am not at that location and not taking the risk of migrating without being there…
will be back in 10 days.

I’m sure everything would transfer over, but I don’t have the odd week or two to spare replicating what I have in ST. Hubitat apps are either so simple they will only accomplish the most basic of automations, or so complicated as to be almost useless. Take Simple Automations. Should have remained Simple Lighting as that’s all it can really do. And show me a simple method of something as basic as change Mode that doesn’t involve Rule Machine or pressing a button. I have to say that unless you’re prepared to throw significant time at Hubitat, it might be better to stay with ST and see where it goes.


OK… I am pretty sure that no matter platform you try migrating to, it will take some effort. If you don’t have the time, then by all means sticking with ST sounds like the right decision.

Ummm, Hubitat’s Mode Manager app will automatically change your Hub’s mode based on time of day and/or presence devices. You can also very easily add a Mode tile to a Hubitat Dashboard and change it there. I personally use Mode Manager as it just works for my needs. I set it up over 2.5 years ago and haven’t touched it since.

Understood. Hubitat is not for everyone, but it does work great for anyone that is looking for a solution today that works properly with Amazon Alexa, supports EchoSpeaks, allows the reuse of most ST Groovy code, runs webCoRE Pistons 100% locally, has amazing integration with Lutron Caseta, etc… :wink:

I spent a lot of time in my early days of SmartThings, back before Samsung bought them. There were a lot of very cool features that have been lost over the years, and even more very recently. I hope ST turns things around, as it is very good to have multiple options in the home automation marketplace.

Good luck and I truly hope things work out for your home automation needs.


I generally change Modes based on motion detection. My life is not regimented enough to have mode changes at specific times, and I doubt many others do! I did look at Mode Manager, but, like most other Hubitat Apps, appears very inflexible. I know there’s always WebCore, but, again, that’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut. With a little expansion Simple Automation could be made into a do-it-all solution, well, nearly :slightly_smiling_face: and could do away with Motion Lighting to boot! But that seems to be true of Hubitat in general. Things just aren’t flexible enough so you have to battle the complexities of Rule Machine just to get simple stuff done. So it looks like my Hubitat hub is gonna stay on the shelf for now…

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I have never heard of anyone using motion to base Mode changes on :thinking:. I am genuinely curious of what your approach is with respect to both changing modes as well as how you utilize modes. If you have some time, I would love to hear more.

Different people use modes very differently. There have been several community members who set the late night mode based on inactivity on the lower floor of the house after a certain time of day. That way they never forget to do the mode change. :sleeping:

At our house, we change from “asleep“ to “home“ mode at 7 AM every morning unless we’re on vacation. It’s not about being regimented, it’s just something consistent that is easy for all household members to remember. ( we are three housemates, with lots of people coming and going.)

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As I am retired and live on my own, I change Mode from Night to Home when I get up and motion is detected in the lounge, which can be anywhere from 7 to 8.30am, and has been later! Change to Night happens any time after 9pm and depends on my TV being off, and no motion in the lounge or hallway (I live in a bungalow). I have a SmartThings Arrival Sensor for setting Away Mode, but this is backed up by there being no motion on any sensor in the house for at least ten minutes. So perhaps now you can see why Hubitat’s Mode Manager wouldn’t work for me…


Thank you for the detailed explanation. Yes, I can see Hubitat’s Mode Manager app being limiting for your use case.

One more question for you… How are you achieving these mode changes on SmartThings? Are you using the ‘New’ App’s Automations? The ‘Classic’ App’s Routines? Custom Groovy SmartApp? A Community developed SmartApp? webCoRE? Or some combination of these?

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You forgot scenes. :slight_smile:


All those use cases are very simple in hubitat with either rule machine (if you take the 15 minutes it takes to learn it) or event engine… Also everyone on the forum is willing to help with rules.

Here are some examples simliar to yours:

Autlomatically lock doors when mode changes to away, night ( the loop is only there as i had trouble with one lock before i replaced it but just left the code in place as it is not hurting anything)

Automatically close garage doors when a vehicle leaves (st presence sensors in vehicles) and if both vehicles are gone, arm the house by changing mode to away.

Automatically unlock the doors when mode changes to home

I originally had one controllable door lock but there was a second lock and have gotten locked out when someone accidentially locked the knob lock, so replaced that with a controllable lock as well.
Here is a simple rule to unlock the other lock when one is unlocked . It also changes mode to home thus disarming the house.

Here’s your rule to disarm the house in the morning when motion starts happening. Niotice the check for mode = night , this is so if the house is armed away and a motion sensors fails (which some do over the long haul) it will not disarm the house.

Here is a rule that is easier to do in hubitat than st:

Based on motion when after sunset turn on a hue light in the master bath, and then after house is armed later at night turn it on at a low brightness purple when someone goes in the bathroom etc. This is using the motion app.

etc etc.

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Just using Automations and Scenes. The new app covers what I need admirably. It’s the slowness, unreliability and the Alexa fiasco are the main reasons behind my switch to Hubitat. I appreciate that RM can do the things I need, and I have tried. I spent most of an afternoon (not fifteen minutes!) trying to get to grips with it, but, once again, I think the things I want to achieve should be simple to do. For me RM is not. SmartThings’ Automations are an object lesson in simplicity and elegance whereas Hubitat’s system is much more for those who like to tinker. That’s not me I’m afraid! So I’m going to stick with SmartThings and see where it goes. But I will check in on Hubitat occasionally to see if things have changed, and, who knows? Maybe I will make the jump!

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Can’t you use webcore to configure a rule that runs in RM? My hub hadn’t arrived yet, but I understood that there was an option for that…

webCoRE creates ‘Pistons’. Pistons run locally on the Hubitat hub. Rule Machine ‘Rules’ also run locally, but aren’t really integrated with webCoRE in any way.


Sorry, you’re right, I meant can’t webcore create the rules required/wanted, rather than involving Rule Machine


Especially when you can move over to the other platform hub and ES works even better :wink:


I think people from here ate already doing that. Sad what smartthings has become.

Closing the loop on that discussion, my experience was based on the use of the “old” Alexa app. Using the new version version now, I’m facing the same behaviorS you and many other described…