Alternate rule for switch like doubletap?

Is there a way to create multiple rules for the same switch predicated on how many times the switch is pressed?

I have my closet set up so a sensor turns the light on when it detects motion… And a rule to turn the light off three minutes after the motion stops. The issue is that the motion detector does not cover the entire closet, and sometimes my wife likes to Iron in there, and the motion detector does not always pick her up… And as a result the light regularly turns off while she’s ironing , creating a very frustrated wife :frowning:

I would love if there was a solution to double tap the switch and exclude the auto-off rule… Or some other function to override the automatic off rule. Any ideas?

There are switches that have this functionality built in. Some people have tried in the past to do it just with regular single tap switches, but it’s just not reliable. But the switch is that offer double tap as a function work very well.

Homeseer has both a regular on/off switch or a dimmer switch which work with smart things and offer recognition of single tap, double tap, and triple tap on both the top and the bottom of the rocker. So you have lots of pattern options.

So I would recommend just getting a switch which is designed to recognize double taps. It will be much more reliable. :sunglasses:

Or add a second motion sensor to cover the area where she irons.


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