Alternate Power Supply for Aeotec RGBW LED Strip Z-Wave

Hello folks - question for the crowd:

I am looking at getting the RGBW LED Strip from Aeotec – it’s perfect for a specific application I have - and I have a question:

The strip itself will be hidden in a very prominent location (the light will be reflected off a white surface with the physical strip out of sight), and the power will be run out in the open against a wall. This is the issue: the power supply that comes equipped with the strip is, in a word, butt-ugly. It’s basically the size and dimension of an off-the-shelf power brick from the 90s.

Can someone recommend an alternative power adapter for this strip that would (a) have a longer cable or (b) have a more discrete power adapter?

Thanks in advance.

Hello uberrob,
I think you are looking for something like a LED light strip driver like this:

I have put up several led light strips that are run off of a driver block that is also controlled and powered by a dimmable GE smart switch.

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