Already using only the new app, do I need to “migrate”?

Probably already asked, so I’ll apologize for missing it when I searched, but I don’t even have the Classic app on my phone anymore. I haven’t been on the forum for a while because things have been working smoothly… Got the Platform Updates email, checked the forum saw the sunset post and urging to migrate. Do I need to download the old app and click the button in it to migrate? Or am I good since I’m already using the new app? Sorry again for what I’m sure is a repeat post.

No need to use the “migrate tool” … seems you already self migrated. From what I understand from reading other posts, you are all set.

This should help you decide:

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Nope, you’re good to go. We cast the net pretty wide on users to contact for the migration so if you had the Classic app on your phone anytime in the past year, you’ll get a message. If you’re already using the new app exclusively there should be nothing else to do.


Thank you Blake for this response, it answers my question as well. Awesome.

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