[Alpha] Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Just got this remote working with my Cree bulbs and ST. While the bulbs’ status do not update in ST, both the remote and ST can control the bulbs. That’s good enough for me since not knowing their status doesn’t effect being able to turn them on or off.

My steps:

  1. Paired 2 Cree bulbs to ST
  2. Set up 2 scenes to control turning the 2 bulbs OFF/ON together
  3. Paired the Lutron LZL-4B remote to ST as a Thing by searching while holding the ON button for 7 seconds
  4. Added the Alpha device handler from the top of this thread, saved, published
  5. Edited the “Thing” device and changed it’s type to “Lutron Button Controller” from the Alpha device handler
  6. Paired each bulb separately to the remote by first unscrewing one, holding the remote next to the active bulb, and pressing the ON button until the light and remote both flashed a few times
    6b) Repeated step for 2nd bulb with 1st unscrewed
  7. Tested and verified functionality from both ST and the remote

Very happy with this!


What if I’m not looking to use this with bulbs, but rather to control a SmartThings controlled dimmer? I have a Leviton Z-Wave dimmer in my master bedroom controlling the can lights, and I’d like to have this remote mounted near my bed to control the dim level of cans that are on the Z-Wave dimmer… possible?

Won’t work. It sends commands directly to Zigbee bulbs only and not to ST. Can’t be used as a scene controller.

ST said forever ago that they were working on it, but there hasn’t been an update :frowning:

You need a Wink hub for that.

If you want to get your status updated correctly, use Pollster. Poll’s the bulb in the programmed interval to update the status of the bulb. I have mine set to 5 minutes and it hasn’t caused any slow-down in my network.

What is the device in the left gang?

That’s most likely a fan timer. I have one in my bathroom.


So, I don’t have a bulb I can connect to my LCBR… any idea how I can find it’s group id?

In this statement, do you mean to say to use the LCBR (vs smartthings app, etc) to turn the bulb on/off?

3 month old post…this device is no longer made.

I was asking as I still use the device, and wanted to get clarification on the step as I’m following your directions now to resolve a remote that dropped off on me. Wasn’t trying to nitpick, just get clarification.

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Pair the bulb to ST and the then the connected remote to ST then the bulb to the remote. Then they should both work to control the bulb.

David, I’m sorry, I don’t remember now. I think so, yes. I’ll try to re-read and remember.

Reset the remote. Add remote to SmartThings and set to the proper DH. If the bulb is not controllable directly from ST, reset and re-add the bulb. Pair the remote to the bulb directly. Bulb should now be controllable from both ST and the remote.

Thanks for this.

Anyone aware of a method to view the LBCRs battery level?

Just taking a moment to kiss the ground you walk on.

TLDR; weird old house with unique constraints. Two fixtures with no wall switch whatsoever, constant power only. I needed a solution that could:

-be controlled via smartthings, and therefore webcore (keeps the kids’ lights off after bedtime)
-be controlled via a wireless hardware switch (annoying to have to pull the phone out all the time)
-match the look of the rest of the house (lutron caseta switches)

The options quickly narrowed.

  1. Can I just use a Lutron Caseta switch? NO, the fixtures are hardwired with no wall switch
  2. Is Lutron Pico/Clear Connect compatible with any bulbs? NO
  3. Can I use Zigbee bulbs? MAYBE, but only if you can find a deprecated LCBR on eBay
  4. Does the LCBR natively integrate with Smartthings? NO
  5. Can I just connect the LCBR and ST separately to Cree bulbs and avoid device stealing? NO

And then I found this thread! Did exactly what you said adding the device handler and Voila! Solved. Two hardwired fixtures with no wall switch, now controlled by both a wireless wall switch and smartthings. Love love love.


I’ve had a number of issues in the past getting these setup successfully, and though they drop off from time to time, I’ve compiled a repeatable outline of the steps required and figured I would share it back here.

  1. Factory reset LCBR (hold top button 15 seconds and release when blinking completes and LED extinguishes).

  2. Factory reset GE Bulb (from on, turn off then on with 3 slow counts between (turn off 1…2…3…turn on…1…2…3 etc).

  3. Delete old lutron group if one exists.

  4. Delete LCBR from ST if previously paired.

  5. Pair LCBR with ST.

  6. Pair GE bulb with ST.

  7. Pair Remote with GE Bulb. The light can be on or off, but must be powered. Hold the LCBR >4 inches away near the dome end of bulb. Hold the top button on LCBR until led and bulb flashes rapidly and then stops, then release the button and then move away from bulb. Test to make sure the bulb can be controlled, if not, repeat the above steps, being mindful of distance and when you are releasing the button.

  8. Navigate to Live Logging (https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs) and keep open for remainder of this process. Note that it will time out and may need to be refreshed.

  9. Locate endpoint:

    a. Method 1: Navigate to https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/device/list and locate the GE bulb from step 5. Click on the name of the device. You will find the endpoint or ‘endpointId’ under the Data section.

    b. Method 2: By pressing on or off on remote while observice for the following:

    7:07:17 PM: trace read attr - raw: 853601000808000020FD, dni: 8536, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0008, size: 8, attrId: 0000, result: success, encoding: 20, value: fd

  10. Open ST classic app and navigate to Automation>SmartApps>Add a SmartApp>My Apps>Lutron Group Control.

  11. Enter Zigbee endpoint from step 9. If there are alpha characters, you’ll need to convert from hex. We are doing this out of order intentionally, as the app won’t kick off the necessary backend process after populating the text field as you cannot commit or enter it, but you do for the selection type fields (remote and bulb).

  12. Select LCBR under ‘Lutron Remote.’

  13. For the bulb field, select the GE bulb from above steps.

  14. Return your attention to Live logging, look for an entry like the following:

    7:09:32 PM: trace catchall: 0104 0004 01 01 0000 00 8536 01 00 0000 02 01 07016973

  15. Enter last 4 characters, 6973 in the above example, for Group ID.

  16. Select bulb(s) you wish to control with LCBR and enter the Endpoint for that bulb (they must all share the same endpoint). This can be found under the devices info page as found in step 9a, although in this instance you would select the bulb you wish to control, not the one you paired the LCBR to in step 7.

  17. Save. Wait a few moments, and then test to see if LCBR controls lights assigned in step 16. I often find that when the last string of numbers is not 8 characters long in step 14, or when the string starts with a 0, I have to start back at step 1 but will then find success. If you are doing multiple remotes consecutively, I have found closing out the android app between attempts is also helpful.

  18. If the LCBR is working as intended, factory reset GE bulb and re-pair the bulb to ST, as it is no longer needed for this to work and would otherwise still be controlled by the LCBR in addition to the assigned lights.

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If I have Sylvania, Sengled bulbs laying around, would it be better to use my existing LCBRs with currently running GE Link bulbs or should I swap out with Sylvania, Sengled bulbs?

Are you in the EU or US? In the US Sengled bulbs are ZHA and won’t work with the LCBR.

I am just migrating from Wink to ST and learning how the device handlers work. I believe I was successful in publishing this connected bulb remote handler in the IDE. ST finds my remote and identifies it as the connected bulb remote, but the resulting device does not seems to be of a switch type. The icon is an undifferentiated thing, and no on/off functionality, etc. shows up in the ST app. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!