[Alpha] Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Ah, ok, thanks. I have the endpoint (0A) and need the group ID.

Perhaps the Cree bulb device handler isn’t logging the right thing.
I’ll take a look and add soemthing like this if it’s not already there:

// Parse incoming device messages to generate events
def parse(String description) {
log.trace description

@Sticks18 Thanks again – still stuck. I just can’t get a “0004” logging. Perhaps I just have to buy a GE Link to get this going :slight_smile:

I’m grasping at straws but I tried putting in the endpoint as 10 (decimal) rather than 0A (hex) and got these log messages:

debug [raw:0104 0004 0A 01 0140 00 A3EA 01 00 0000 02 01 1306B15D10011216627D1F3F6639, profileId:0104, clusterId:0004, sourceEndpoint:0A, destinationEndpoint:01, options:0140, messageType:00, dni:A3EA, isClusterSpecific:true, isManufacturerSpecific:false, manufacturerId:0000, command:02, direction:01, data:[13, 06, B1, 5D, 10, 01, 12, 16, 62, 7D, 1F, 3F, 66, 39], clusterInt:4, commandInt:2]
de280070-9f71-4ff0-a460-8a99ab0721de 3:49:01 PM: debug DID NOT PARSE MESSAGE for description : catchall: 0104 0004 0A 01 0140 00 A3EA 01 00 0000 02 01 1306B15D10011216627D1F3F6639
de280070-9f71-4ff0-a460-8a99ab0721de 3:49:01 PM: debug description is catchall: 0104 0004 0A 01 0140 00 A3EA 01 00 0000 02 01 1306B15D10011216627D1F3F6639

There you go! I think I recall the SmartApp not working well with non-integers (sorry about that). Looks like you’ve added this Cree bulb 6 times because it has 6 groups listed. You could try each one and see which is still active (start with 6639) or you can reset the Cree and start over now that the 10 should work instead of 0A.

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  1. I reset the Cree bulb and the remote so that I the bulb belonged to one remote (and one group).
  2. I used 10 (decimal) as the endpoint rather than 0A.

My daughter’s Osram RGBWs now work with her remotes as well as with Google Home.

Thank you!

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Cree Connected Bulb and Lutron Connected Remote - Success Story #2
I have cree connected bulbs and Osram RGBW bulbs. Starting with a Cree to get a group ID, I am able to control my two Osram RGBW bulbs with the connected Bulb remote.

-If paired, unpair your Lutron remote from the Cree Connected bulb. To do so, turn on/off the Cree Connected bulb 4 times MANUALLY. Start with it on, and count OFF … 1.5 seconds … ON … 1.5 seconds and so on 4 times. The last time, the bulb will blink/dim indicating it’s been unpaired.

-Reset your Lutron remote by holding down both on/off switches together for a full 20 seconds until all flashing lights have stopped.

-Install the code as described above in posting #26. Just do the code install.

-Pair Lutron remote with ST hub. Yes, you do need to be within 4-inches of the hub to do this just for the pairing. Once the remote shows up on the ST app on your phone, you no longer need to hold the remote within 4-inches of the hub to complete the task of pairing.

-Pair a Cree Connected bulb with ST hub and turn on/off. Look for a description line such as this in your live logging:

description is read attr - raw: 7FFF0A00080A00000020FE, dni: 7FFF, endpoint: 0A, cluster: 0008, size: 0A, attrId: 0000, result: success, encoding: 20, value: fe

Note the endpoint is: endpoint: 0A
That’s hex.

Enter the decimal version of the endpoint: 10

Open the live logging page.
-Launch the Sticks18 SmartApp. Enter:

Lutron Remote paired to hub
Select the Cree Connected bulb
Endpoint. In this example from the above it would be 10
Live logging says:
description is catchall: 0104 0004 0A 01 0140 00 D0C8 01 00 0000 02 01 EF78

Enter the group id. In this example EF78
Select the OSRAM bulbs you want this remote to control
Enter the endpoint. In this example from the above it would be 03

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Thought I’d check in on this thread since it has been awhile. I have an issue with one of my remotes always “stealing” the bulb from ST despite following the procedures I outlined earlier in the thread. I’ve had a few other case of having to go through the entire pairing process again. I really wish the Aeon minimote looked this nice but at this stage, I may go ahead and replace the problem LCBRs with the Aeons and mount them to the Lutron stands.

I am new to ST. I reviewed most of this thread as I am trying to find a solution to have a “hardware like” switch for my LIFX bulbs. Would I be able to pair my LCBR to ST and have to perform a simple on/off for my LIFX bulbs?

I paired the LCBR to the ST last night. The hub didn’t seem to recognize the device. I then created a DTH from @Sticks18 code. Seems to recognize the device now. That was a far as I got last night. Would I now be able to trigger an automation from a button push? For instance pushing “on” on the LCBR would trigger turning on LIFX to 100%. Thanks

Unfortunately the LCBR cannot be used as a button controller with ST to control non-ZigBee bulbs. Button pushes on the device are not seen by the ST hub at all. They send messages directly to the linked ZigBee bulbs.

Thanks for clarifying.

it works with Wink as a button controller OR a direct control. If Wink Hub can do it, why can it NOT be done with ST? Wink communicates directly with this remote if setup as a button controller.

Wink allows you a radio button toggle to select (after pairing LCBR) to select either to directly control zigbee groups OR it can be setup as a 4-button controller for ANY devices/Shortcuts attached to wink hub.


I can only speculate on some of this, but Wink could be doing one of two things: 1) Emulating a device in the LCBR’s group so that it receives the messages directly from the LCBR. - ST’s implementation of ZigBee does not appear to include Multicast/Broadcast, so this can’t be replicated without significant work by ST on their ZigBee firmware. 2) The LCBR has a an actual button mode unlocked via one of the manufacturer specific clusters and Wink worked with Lutron to manage that process - ST has had plenty of time to do the same including having one of their ZigBee engineers write a basic DTH that doesn’t really do much other than identify the remote. They have either decided it isn’t worth the resources or this isn’t how it’s being done.

I think I spent some time trying to figure out option 2 and got no where.

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I have nothing to add technical wise, only offering experience as I have HEAVILY used most home-user level (plug+play) hubs. Insteon Hub, Insteon PLM, Iris Gen II, Wink, Wink 2, Vera Lite, Vera Plus, Smartthings.

I just moved my 96 devices (60% Z-Wave, 30% Zigbee, 10% Cloud connected) to Smartthings + Stringify. If I had known how much better it was than my Vera Plus w/ USB connected Insteon PLM, + Wink Hub 2 + Plant Link Hub, + Hue Hub, I would have come over LONG ago.

My first week with Smarthings. Have had the hub since it was on sale a while back(year or so)for $40 everywhere.

Custom device handlers? Whoa.

Vera Itd has been basically lying to its customer base for a long time. They don’t even, to THIS DAY, off support for any Osram bulbs out of the box.

Couldn’t even program them to work with osram.

Zigbee is crippled on the Vera Plus and they have made nothing but excuses to their customers about device integration for OVER A YEAR!


Question for the thread: At least in Wink, these remotes can also be used as basically 4 buttons (in Wink, they limit to shortcuts). I have one that has 3 programmed colors for my Lightify lights, then one button for “off”.

I can’t tell if that’s somehow an option with ST. Is there any way to do this?

5 posts up…

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darn it. Didn’t even see that. Thanks.

So, not questioning you at all, just curious how Wink pulls it off. In wink, you can change the remote between direct bulb control, and shortcut mode (where each button can be assigned to a Wink shortcut (like setting multiple bulbs to a brightness, color, etc). Darn darn darn. Really liking ST… and wanted to switch over completely.

And now just saw that you said all of this above. Apparently I need to change my name to Johnny come lately. =/

Did you ever get this to work with osram? I tried the exact way you did this however could never get a lcbr to pair with a zha1.2 osram lightify rgbw.


I did some of what you suggested, however when you got to the part about Live Logging, I am now confused. I am not seeing where to input the three things you are talking about…My goal is to be able to control a bath fixture with three osram bulbs in then with this Lutron device but still be able to use my echo to voice control it. At this point the Lutron Remote is in my device list, but it of course is not linked to the bulbs. The bulbs are linked to my smart things app.

I’ve followed the instructions here to the letter twice now and both times when I control the bulb with the remote, the status is never correct in the SmartThings app until i do a manual refresh in the device itself. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known limitation?

It depends on the bulb. The remote sends commands directly to the bulb, so the bulb has to report the state change back to ST. GE Links definitely do this. I believe Cree does not, and I’m not sure about others.