[ALPHA] Hue Dimmer Switch (ZHA) (beta) (no hue bridge)

After the update to 18.22, I’ve repaired and they’ve stuck!

Work just as good as before now and pretty instant.
I do have one of their motion sensors, but they work independently I see no reason why you have to have one?

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I believe you’re referring to the comment of mine and that was specific to a different device type handler. Different device type handlers are handling the dimmer switch in different ways. The method used in the thread

Is for dimmer switches which are still connected to the hue bridge. Not connected directly to the SmartThings hub. That author has been trying to expose the Hue dimmer actions to SmartThings using the Hue Bridge API, But his method involves polling a sensor.

The method being used in this thread is completely different. It is trying to attach a Hue dimmer switch directly to the smartthings hub and use the ZHA endpoints.

So it’s the same device, but it’s being used in two very different ways with two very different device type handlers. Comments from one thread will not apply to the other device type handler

Thanks @JDRoberts, I guess I linked the wrong post to the other thread. I’ll amend that.

I don’t have a hue bridge, so no worries there. I’ve looked at your list of other devices, most of them are $50USD… the Hue dimmer controller is $25 CAD at Bestbuy here in Canada… no import taxes etc. So if it works to get 4 buttons for $25 that’s not bad… The DSA03202 minimote looks like a good op, but here in Canada it’s still $30 on amazon.ca and doesn’t have a wall mount plus shipping etc.

Edit, these minimotes are now $50-60 on amazon.ca!

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@Snakedog116, if your looking for cheap buttons, give Xiaomi a search on gearbest or aliexpress. Lovely little things :slight_smile:

Xiaomi is a brand right? What exactly am I looking for?

See the buttons FAQ, the Xiaomi Devices are listed there.

I think you are referring to these buttons? That’s about $8 each: https://www.gearbest.com/smart-light-bulb/pp_257679.html?wid=21

That’s pretty good, around the same price per button as the hue dimmer switch.

I thought I’d also add that I’ve got the hue dimmer switch working now for 3 days straight using this code. (Of course now that I posted this it’ll lose connection tomorrow… just seems to be how it works ha)

After you’ve paired, and its working, Try resetting again, but don’t search for it in the app, just let the dimmer connect on its own. Then see how you go for keeping the connection.

So I’m still not able to get the remote to work for more than a few days in a row. I’m at the point of returning it.

Seems like a remote issue as the LED flashes red instead of the normal green when it disconnects.

I have a hue dimmer switch (RWL020) that I would like to connect direct to smartthings with this device handler, but I am having a difficult time getting it to pair. When I reset the switch and go to add device (with amber light blinking), the light on the dimmer switch blinks green once and then goes off, like it has connected, but smartthings doesn’t show any new devices.

Any suggestions?

Mine just shows up with a zero beside it(Island Switch as it shows above). There is no on/off option. Did I do something wrong?

I have the same issue, I presume its due to a bad pairing but couldnt resolve the issue, if you found the problem id be happy to hear if theres a solution

I’m also having the same issue. has anybody resolved this?

As a bit of an update to the above post, with a lot of fiddling it’s now working. it involved searching for new devices and a lot of prodding the setup button (without deleting the original “thing”)

Unfortunately I’m not sure the exact sequence of button pushing and thing searching.


I have been using this device handler for months now. I have a few observations which may be of use:

  • Sometimes the controllers become unresponsive - I believe that this always coincides (but does not always happen) when the hub firmware is updated. I have two switches and both of them go offline at the same time.
  • If the controller is unresponsive, it can be resolved in the following way:
    1. Go into the SmartThings app and start scanning for a new thing.
    2. Press the recessed reset button on the controller for 10 seconds.
    3. Wait until the light stops flashing and turns green (indicating that it is connected). Cancel the search in SmartThings app. The device should be active again.
  • I used the method described by @Royster here: [ALPHA] Hue Dimmer Switch (ZHA) (beta) (no hue bridge)
  • I use webCoRE to make use of the buttons, there is a bit of lag, but I have found it reliable.

I found that the device handler is setup for the device being model “RWL020” where as mine is a “RWL021” (saw this under the data section of the device). I updated model to “RWL021” on the “fingerprint profileId” line of the device handler and it started working and logging button presses.

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Did you get the dimming to work using the two middle buttons? I am wondering is there any SmartApp for increase/decrease brightness level.

You should be able to achieve this with webCoRE. Since the above I’ve extended my HA with bulbs and moved the dimmers back to Hue. Due to far too many outages on ST side, my lights are useless when this happens. At least with the Hue bridge it’s local execution, and less stress from my other half :wink:

Is there any SmartApp that could bind the Hue device with this DT to a Virtual Dimmer Switch? The four buttons should match exactly to the four events of a dimmer switch, i.e. turn switch ON, turn switch OFF, increase physical [brightness] level, decrease physical [brightness] level.

I’d be interested in this too :slight_smile: !