Almond+ interoperability

Did anyone else back Almond+ on Kickstarter? They are going to be shipping to backers soon and I’m curious if there’s anything cool we can expect to do with the combination of ST and A+.

Myself and a friend who also has SmartThings has backed it. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and upgrade my router. I haven’t really thought through how to use it in conjunction with SmartThings. Hoping it works well though!

Hey guys is there a Almond HA support forum out there I can use to get caught up on how it works as a HA hub? I just got an eMail saying I can buy one now.

+1 to this. Another prospective Almond+ user here; mine should arrive in a few weeks. Pre-orders (while they last) seem to be available here: Only 39 left!

If nothing else, I’m hoping it will resolve interference and serve as a Zigbee and Z-wave repeater. I haven’t seen anything about an API being made available.

Anything will be better than my low-rent Verizon router, which, at very high data-rates, reliably blocks my entire HA system. If I queue up a download or software update 100MB or more over WiFi, a few moments later the hub will lose track off all our presence detectors, and then the WiFi dies. Then everything comes back online, and a few minutes later the whole cycle repeats. The interference is very powerful.