Almond guard

(Ed Meredith) #1

Has anyone seen the soon to be released Almond Guard router? I know that there is the ST/ADT integration that does not seem to be much integrated since you have to use ADT sensors. The almond router also works like a Hub. I would love for ST to integrate their hub into the Almond router. I like the idea of Almond guard which arms itself when everyone has left the home. I know that my current Almond+ router does presence detection of my iphone much better than the ST arrival sensors and/or the ST hub recognizes my phone as being within the geofence.

(Robin) #2

I’d assume the contract between ST / ADT prohibits ST’s hubs being integrated with alternative security solutions… even if they wanted to.

(Ed Meredith) #3

That may be true but ST is integrated with the Scout security system as well. Maybe ADT does not consider the Scout system a competitor. I think the idea of ST integrating with multiple systems would be good for business. If ADT feels their system is the best then they can market to the ST customer base and win them over.

(Robin) #4

Scout is just monitoring… but yeah, still technically competition I suppose.

Being in the U.K. I don’t get either lol

(Ed Meredith) #5

I had not thought of it that way but you are correct it is just monitoring but outside of the ADT required sensors and keypad the primary usage of any security system is monitoring. The Almond router provides that security monitoring and it is also a hub for zigbee/z-wave devices. It works with Nest as well as Hue. By integrating with ST you get the best of both in a single package.