Alloy Temp / Humidity Repeater Driver

I have a bunch of Alloy Plug / Temp / humidity ZWAVE Repeaters that are very handy as they do not use batteries. However for a long time it said these were online and then found out that it is showing them as a ZWave Switch. None of the drivers work with this. Are these going to be updated, or do customers like me loose a boat load of money on now unsupported devices because it benefits Samsung? This would not be a Smarthings system.

Have you tried @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “Z-wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc” driver. You can find it at:

If that doesn’t work post the fingerprints (Mfg. Code & Model) and ask Mariano if he can add them to his driver. You can find the fingerprints using the Advance Web App Samsung account .

Hi. I tried the driver mentioned but it would not switch over unfortunately. The info for the Alloy Plug device (Temperature, Humidity, Repeater Z-Wave) is in the following screenshot. Hopefully they can help.