All zigbee not working/lagging/unresponsive

Hi there,

For almost a week now, im having alot of issues with everything that is zigbee
Couple of devices include xiaomi motion sensors and hue motion sensors
They have been working fine before that
I am running into issues where they would stop working, unable to re pair. Sometimes after numerous attempt at re-pairing them they would work fine for a couple of hours then it will become unresponsive again.

Can anyone help me diagnose this?

How close is your hub to your wireless router?

Next to it. I never had this kind of issue for over 1 year
The xiaomi one, i get it… its kinda flaky, but the hue motions are solid as zigbee devices

I am not sure where to go at this point. I did not add anything recently either

could be interference. see what the zigbee channel is set to on your hub and then adjust the channel of your 2.4 network of your router? Or move the hub 10 feet from the router.

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