All this V2 talk...what about V1 customers?

…are we now chopped liver?

I’m not really complaining. This is intended to be more cynically humorous with a hint of truth.


V1 user and all functioned as it should. In prep for V2 sun state was broken. Remember those platform updates?..yeah.

Sun state works on V2 yet mine is still broken. At this point I would consider going V2 to get my whole home automation working again…and to get 1st dibs w/support…hey, wait a minute here!

Now…is the fact my sun state deficiency causes my Home Automation to have a stroke a 3rd world crisis? Nope…so I can be cynically patient…but don’t forget us V1 peeps out here!

Fix sun state…PLEASE! :smile:

V1 customers should obviously still expect their system to work. Any issues you are experiencing should be reported to support.

To sum up for your situation: you are seeing issues with events firing at sunrise and sunset, correct?


I would like to say, that although I have V2 and paused migrating my 120+ devices, I have found v1 to be very stable for the most part other than the other night when we all saw slowdowns. 98-99% of the time things are doing exactly what I want in a timely fashion, and maybe .5% of the time its altogether missed. My sunset/sunrise has finally become solid, and a few quick tweaks to my apps to make routines to roll right and I am happy.

In my mind, the infrastructure is the infrastructure. Remember, your V1 vs V2 is just the conduit to talk to it is a way to think about it. All the improvements should be across the board for all users in many cases I would imagine.

I have been very happy how its settled down the last few weeks, so much so that I started adding new devices again (yes, to v1!!).

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@Ben Correct.

My 1st contact was a ticket with support over a month ago which went unresolved. I have another ticket in now as of the 16th.

I loved my V1 and saw it as the best $100 I ever spent!

Due to what I feel is the best bang for the buck ever I feel ashamed to say “but”.

“But” most everything I use is sun state driven. I can only imagine if other V1 users are having the same experience.

I’ve been using lux level as a way to automate things in my house. It works pretty reliably. Something to think about.

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I was going to result to that or IFTTT but just wanted to go back to what I had.

I’m sort of curious about the spare v1 now as well for a different slightly off-topic reason… for those of us who upgraded to v2… are we now stuck with a useless piece of junk in v1? As far as I know, the welcome code (which I’m not even sure I have any more) only works that first time, doesn’t it? So for example, the hub can’t be resold and used on someone else’s account? And yet it seems ridiculous to throw something that is ‘functional’ in the trash as well.

lux from what device are you using? Most (inside) lux readings I have are twitchy and low.

Fibaro Motion sensors. I Mounted the sensors near windows and monitored my lux levels for morning, Afternoon, and Night. Then Based upon an average I set morning and night modes. If it’s raining or overcast, I really only care if lux is lower during the day, so I have a gloomy mode I set to compensate. So if mode awake and lux is under x then change mode to gloomy.

Does that make sense or is it confusing?

My sunrise/sunset routines are still working as expected.
I’m still running the v1 Hub… my v2 just came in the mail yesterday so won’t be able to set it up until the weekend.

Yep…the explanation I was given is that some already have the fix installed and some don’t. In other words some V1 users are fine while others have been jacked up for a month now.