All sundown routines triggered early (March 11, 2018)

All routines triggered exactly 2.0 hours early? I assume Samsung got confused which way time was changing. Will a reboot fix it?

What automations are you using? Smart Lighting, webCoRE? mostly, a few in rule machine
But that doesn’t matter. Sun down is sundown in any smartapp irregardless of which one. It is an inbuilt thing.

If only that were true.
webCoRE had an issue today with tasks scheduled for the following day, before DST happened. They were 1 hr out.
They will correct themselves the next time they run.

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More info. It was routines that were sunset minus an offset. Ones that were exactly at sunset seem to be ok.

I have seen mentioned in another thread to go into the ST app on your mobile.
Go into settings, click on the location picture, then save your way out.
This resets your location and the sunrise/sunset.
Don’t know if it works but might be worth a try to reset things.
Doesn’t solve the root cause though.

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Sunrise sunset is showing correct time under hubs