All of my Virtual Buttons disappeared from Android App

Suddenly I can’t find any virtual button in my app. Looking at the ide they all have a “Location” but none are assigned to a Hub anymore. Is there a way to re-assign them to the hub so they show up again ? Their status is also inactive. But I can use them remotely (alexa, harmony) and in rules (rule machine)

Here is an example (Watch Mom) is a virtual button to turn on/off my motion monitor of Mom.
The button is gone from app but it is current on and Rule Machine is getting that status. I can’t turn it off anymore because it is missing from the UI.

UPDATE: They are all still listed in “Things” but disappeared from “Rooms”. So actually I do still have access to them.

Not that it will help find your missing buttons… But I didn’t think Hub assignment was required (i.e., Location should be sufficient). Then again, I’m unable to “move” a Virtual Switch to remove Hub. But I have some old Virtuals that have no Hub assigned that seem seemed fine.

Kind request to SmartThings: Please don’t change the Platform (or App) without RELEASE NOTES!!! Thank-you.

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I just figured out how to add the hub assignment and the button returned to the room I originally placed it in.

So looks like I can fix this on my own after all. Just have to edit every button in the ide and re-assign to my hub (I have two).

Weird I wonder why this happened only to my virtual buttons.

Happened to everyone. Noticed this last night…ST magic :slight_smile:


Gotta love continuous delivery cloud based products, don’t you :smile: