All of my Qubino Roller Shutter stopped working!

Hi! All of a sudden all of my qubino roller shutters stopped working…. I have more than 20 installed and they are no responding.

Any clue why that happened? And how to fix it? Did something changed in the compatibility?


You probably go migrated from an old groovy Device Handler to a new Edge Driver. And the stock driver they migrated you to probably does not work with your devices.

Try the “Z-Wave Window Treatment Mc” Edge driver.

Hi! Thanks for replying.
I tried changing the driver to the one you suggested but got an error: “Ensure that the driver you are trying to change to has a valid fingerprint match with this device.”

On the other hand, its weird that there are only two working, for some reason they werent affected, and in this image, are those who has on type “Zwave” and “Local”

Any idea on how I can solve it?


The ones marked DTH have not been migrated to the new Edge Drivers. I thought the migration was complete, but I could be wrong. You may need to manually exclude and re-pair them.

The 2 marked Z-Wave have been converted to Edge Drivers.