All motion sensors just turned into contact sensors during the Edge beta!

I had the same issue, seemed to be my zigbee motions, I had to delete them and re-add to ST than add then back to my automation. not ideal but it worked. Did not seem to mess with my zwave motions.

I’m not doing that. ST messed this up and they better fix it. I have 30 motion sensors all over the place, and some require a ladder to get to them.

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totally understand, I have quite a few as well. just so you are aware, the motions are removed from your automation as well so when they fix this you will need to go back in and assign the motions back, unless ST can fix that too. because of the change to contact switches you can not even go in and add them back to your automation because they are not listed as motions.

Oh I know, trust me…

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painful for sure

So I assume when you go to detailed view of a device, click the 3 dots in the upper right, select Driver and click on Select Different Driver that no motion sensors are available to select?

If that is the case, what if you enrolled in @Mariano_Colmenarejo beta drivers, went back to the device and tried changing to it…

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Did that already. “No results found” and the driver name it’s using clearly states “Zigbee Contact”. I suspect someone fat fingered the fingerprint and their incredible testing practices found no issues…

At this point I’m letting ST try to figure this out because I suspect it’s bigger than they thought because all my contacts have gone very quiet.

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I don’t even get the three dot option, my device just shows the name of the device, the room it’s assigned to and status as connected. no other options.

That’s interesting. I saw that behavior today as well when I added an Innr zigbee plug. It took several minutes for the device to properly get configured in the app before I saw the 3 dots where I could edit the name.

I thought the same so I waited quite a bit but nothing, only way for me to fix this is to delete and add the motion back…I will leave this one as is and see if ST fixes it.

another note, there isn’t even a back button I have to swipe on my device to go back.

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Okay I just noticed this.

They report open closed instead of motion.

I tried on one to use the 3 dots, it let me change it to zigbee motion, that seems to work.

I am going to hold off doing more for now

But changing to zigbee motion worked I think

Same issue here. Many zigbee motion sensors now not motion capable. Yikes.

You signed up for the Beta test group, right? If so, unfortunately, stuff happens. Betas are by definition unstable. :thinking:


Alpha Testing is a type of software testing performed to identify bugs before releasing the product to real users or to the public.

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Sadly, even Stable Release has many regression bugs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the model name is very important here.
without knowing the exact fingerprints and available clusters it’s hard to tell what to do with Edge

From what I read, what has failed is the automatic migration from a stock DTH to a definitive stock driver, production.

Which is only available to hub firmware beta testers

The drivers beta are working fine.


Oh I don’t disagree @JDRoberts. I know and accept the risks in being in a beta, but this is a rookie error in my opinion. I’ve been doing beta’s with ST for years, as well as some alpha releases and others covered by NDA’s, and this is one of the most impactful that I can remember.

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I’m going to wait this out so I can stay with stock ST Edge drivers. Hopefully I’ll hear something today because I’ve heard nothing from anyone at ST since this happened to their beta group.

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for ST use: all the motions that have switched from motion to contact sensors for me and needed to be removed and re added to ST for them to work again were all SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensors. There was no way for me to select a new driver from within the app because the three dots were not present, nor was the back button to get back to the main screen in the app. If you look in the logs you can see that when motion happens it actually says contact open.

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