All LightwaveRF devices offline today?

All my linked LightwaveRF devices linked to smartthings seem to be offline and uncontrollable today . Were all fine yesterday, have tried rebooting Lightwave/ ST hubs and unlinking lightwave and re adding to ST but it does the same it finds all the devices but shows them offline!? .
And ideas much appreciated!

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you might want to open a ticket to bring it to their attention.

Good shout I’ll do that this evening.

Thats not good news bud. Report back when you locate the issue

i have the same issue now. anyone else still have the problem?

Hi Chris -any luck sortying this out?
Same problem here, all as fine on Monday 4th. didn’t have much chance to look into it closely but rebooted everything, updated everything, re-linked the lw, still no luck.
lw app works just fine, all other devices function correctly and all lights work as they should on google home so pretty sure it is SS - LW problem

It’s come and gone a few times now. Was fine when I went to bed last night but all LWRF devices offline this morning in Smartthings.

Weird, I had only half of 4 gang dimmers working for example. As mentioned I have unlinked and linked the LW few times without any luck, this time I have removed the non-working lights from within the SS app without un-linking, then added device - LW - switches & dimmers = all back no norm, could be just a coincidence

I think there’s got to be something going on there end as mine have been coming and going and it’s not all devices. Sometimes just clicking on them a few times brings them online.

I rebooted my lightwave hub, and that brought them back…

I’ve had the same issue of all lightwave devices going offline for the past few days. Has anyone had any luck getting this permanently sorted?

I’ve been able to get them working for a bit (reset lightwave hub / delete and add devices / deactivate & reactivate the integration), but they seem to disconnect after a few hours.

I raised a support ticket through the app and they suggested clearing app data and cache then get back to them with an error report from support in the app again if it persists . Mine seems to have been okay for a day or so now.

Thanks for the response.

I’ve got the LWRF working at the moment. The only way I could get them reconnected was a reboot of the smartthings hub.

If LWRF drops again, I’ll noise them up with a support ticket too!