All in one Fan/Light switch?

Just joined the ST team when v2 came out and looking to start getting more sensors to automate stuff. One of the big things I did 4 years back when I bought the home was to put up new fans and I picked up a Lutron combo unit ( Its been working great allowing me to independently control the fan and light, and dim both. I am hoping to replicate this but with ST in the mix. Does anything like this currently exist today or in the works?

Also worth noting the feature I am least interested in is the dimming of the lights. I tend to use the lights at the same level so even a product that have 2 buttons, one for dimming the fan and one for fan light on/off, would still be worth looking into. Thank you all

i havet been able to find one… I have a combo fan and dimmer control in mbedroom

I want something like this so much! Can’t find one though. :frowning:

There is no real good solution unless you have separate power wires for the light and fan from the wall switch to the fan and light. I hate to be the one to say this but there are numerous topics covering this.

my apologies, new to ST community and forums. Will search more next time

It seems like there is demand for this product, hopefully a company like GE or Leviton (or hell, even Lutron who makes my current switches) will work something out. Not sure if part of the issue is that I had to install a module up on the fan side to make it work, at least with the Lutron units. Maybe there is some limitation there.

For those of you that added like a GE Dimmer to your fan (that has a light), do you use a pull string on the light or does the dimmer set the fan to say, medium speed, and also set the light to medium brightness?

Lastly, I suppose I could run another wire from the fan to the wall switch, then cut out a hole for a 2nd switch, and essentially have two independent dimmers, is that correct?

The best option for me besides running another wire was using the enerwave dual relay modules. I put them in 5 fan canopies. I then put a switch on the wall but switch on/off function doesn’t actually kill power to the modules in the fan canopy. I then use a smartapp(s) to control the relay. Specifically the switch turns the light on and off and double tap turns the fan on and off.

The big thing for me is the dimming of the fan (or the speed in this case). Many of my rooms have 12ft ceilings and having crazy long chains is a huge eye sore. So being able to set the speed via the app or button is ideal. As mentioned above, the dimming of the light is less important although the unit I have now has independent dimming over the fan and the light in the fan. It has the fan canopy module similar to what you mentioned.