All in (almost) on Hue

With the unpredictability of the Smartthings future, I’m putting all my lighting eggs in the Hue basket. My kitchen is being expanded, and my main floor bathroom rebuilt. So I have a handful of Cree bulbs and they serve me well, but I’m going all Hue under and over counter and in my hihats for the new build.

I am, however, installing some smart dimmers and outlets - and hoping Smartthings continues to service them going forward.

Much though I’ve grown to love SmartThings, I too am nervous about future direction and support so I also have all lighting on Hue, except a battery powered Arlo light which usefully links to Arlo cameras on our driveway.
Hue also seem to be expanding their hardware and software at a reasonable pace, and being able to now link Nest alarms directly to Hue is a plus, removing dependence on SmartThings for a key safety automation.