All Cameras Disappeared

(evelyn) #1


I recently bought 2 of the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro - SNH-6410BN. The IP Cams are great but after one month of using it, just one day, all my cameras are gone from the smartcam application. I tried setting them up again, but when I register the serial numbers, the app would say the cameras were registered already and that I had to type in the name and password of the camera. Did just that and then I get an error saying network is unstable (when in fact its NOT), and then Im back to step 1 of the camera registration.

I was wondering if anyone had the same experience? And ideas on how to fix this? So frustrating :frowning:


(Ben Edwards) #2

I am not much help when it comes to this specific problem but I do expect a tighter integration between SmartThings and these camera in the not too distant future :slight_smile: