Alexa will not discover Smartthings Plug

I added another Smartthings plug (F-OUT-US-2) and it was picked up by my hub with no problems. I try to add it to Alexa and it’s not found.

I’m using:

  • Version 2 hub w/ latest firmware.
  • Smarthings classic app
  • Power plug (F-OUT-US-2)

I’ve manually given Alexa permission (in Smartthings) for the device and given access to all devices.

I removed a working plug (same model) from the Alexa app and then it wouldn’t rediscover/re-add it.

IFFT sees the plug

I’ve tried discovery from 3 different Alexa devices (1 echo & 2 dots), Alexa app on my Moto X Pure and the Alexa web. All with no luck.

Rebooted the hub and router.

Deleted a plug and it was refound by Smartthings but Alexa still not discovering it or the one I removed to test.

Any suggestions?

remove smartthings from alexa and then add back in and re-authorize.

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Wow! That did it. Thank you!!