Alexa TV Commercials

(Dannie) #1

I enjoy my Alexa. Today, I married it to my Smartthings hub, so I’m even happier. But the funny thing is the proliferation of commercials from Amazon on TV. Every time a commercial comes on, the they demo the voice control, my Alexa responds. I have to mute the TV while I tell Alexa to stop. Ha Ha Ha

(Geko) #2

Wait until savvy advertisers will intentionally plant Alexa commands in their ads to trigger one-click purchases. :smile:

(Ron S) #3

I will stand outside @geko’s window and give Alexa commands if I could! :wink:

(Darc Ranger) #4

Another reason why I turn my voice one-click buy options.


For security reason, maybe there should be a smart app to give a Alexa a vacation during away mode so she doesn’t respond to someone screaming from outside. What do you guys think of such an app?

(Geko) #6

Simple. Just power it through a plug-in wall switch.


brilliant… new wall plug just arrived yesterday :)… thanks for the idea…

(Keith Croshaw) #8

That happened with the Xbox commercials too… Silly…

(Tim Slagle) #9

Haha this happens to me too!

I haven’t decided whether this is a good thing or a bad thing yet… :wink:

(Mark B) #10

They should make it like “ok google” on my samsung it is tuned to my voice. Anyone else saying it , the program will no register.

Unlike “siri” it seems anyone can say her name and speak with her.

P.s. this is far from an apple bash. I am happy with both OS.
I’m just stating it for a purpose that should be able to implement into Echo.


“Your use case is not my use case.” :wink:

In my case, I’m quadriparetic in a wheelchair with limited hand function. We have a lot of people coming through the house: friends and family, healthcare workers, my housemates’ friends.

One of the best things from my point of view is that the echo is a shared control device that does not require me to pre-register other users. So anybody who comes into the house can use it, including a substitute healthcare worker the agency just sent over that morning.

I really really don’t want control limited to specific set of predefined people. It would tremendously reduce the value of the echo for me today.

That said, choices are good. :sunglasses: If they wanted to offer an option That would allow people to secure it to specific voices, that would be fine. But if it changed from its current open access to restricted access, it wouldn’t work as well for me.

(Dannie) #12

Yes, Siri is such a slut - she’ll talk to anyone.

(Ron S) #13

BTW, which channels do you see the ads on? I have yet to see one! While on vacation to India, every other ad was an Amazon one (not Echo of course) as they launched the Amazon India few months (??) back there and mostly accepts cash on delivery as credit/debit card payments are not such a popular mode of payment there…

(Dannie) #14

Sorry, I have Suddenlink and I don’t remember the channels. I’ll pay attention and let you know.

(Dannie) #15

Saw the commercial again today at 2:05 pm. Ch 236 - AMC on Suddenlink Cable.

(Ron S) #16

Yet to see an Amazon ad in the Northeast serviced by Cablevision(optimum), Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon Fios… Or anybody else…

(Micheal ) #17

I have seen them…they are these versions: