Alexa turn on Samsung Smart TV fix

Hello I tryed your work around but when I get to the alexa app on my phone under smart home the control devices there is NO turn tv on. Can you help me with that. Thanks so much Jeff

You seem to be one of only a small number of knowledgeable people that understand what is broken here. It has been driving me crazy that I can control my TV but only after I turn it on using the analog remote. Thanks for this - can’t wait to try it.

Download the SMart Things Classic app

Update. I decided to try once more before deleting anything. Still doesn’t work from Alexa but was able to turn on the Samsung TV by clicking on the button twice in ST classic app. At least it is partly working. What’s the config for turning off the TV?

If you could elaborate on this? :slight_smile: maybe with some code or even a full on smartapp? That would be awesome! :sweat_smile:

Everything worked until I got to my phone, there is no Smartapps under automation in Alexa???

Got it working, thanks…Under the routine created I added to turn on my receiver, It turns on the receiver, but not the tv, then when I ask alexa a second time to turn on tv, then the tv comes on???

Was doing good until the part where i need to open the smart things app go to automation and choose smart apps
I don’t have that. After automation it says add automations. What am i doing wrong?

Not sure why sapman has stopped responding but seems that a lot of us are stuck on the same step. Can anyone who made it past the automation step, please help us out?

This needs to be done on the SmartThings Classic app on your phone and not the new one that Samsung came out with.

Double check and make sure you put in the right MAC address. It sounds like you did everything else correct.

Good question. My roommate has one of the newer M series TVs and I can’t figure out how to turn his off with Alexa, just on using my method. My older K series TV shows up in the SmartThings Classic app. The M series does not.

I will try posting a video on YouTube later showing a step by step tutorial.

Are you using the SmartThings Classic app? This does not work with the new SmartThings app.

Got all the way to the step “Automation , Smart apps” but couldn’t find “Computer Power Control with Wake on LAN” selection. Any clue? Any help is much appreciated.
(using Classic App)

Never mind…found it!

Well where did you find it? I can’t seem to find “Computer Power Control with Wake on LAN” either. I am in the Classic App also

I can’t find the video on YoutTube. Do you have the link?

Using Harmony, if your TV is ON and you say “turn ON the TV” if will turn it OFF.
It is a problem if you are creating routines that may run when the TV is already ON.

does samsung intend on fixing the firmware error eventually?