Alexa Trigger Phrase and Alexa Routines (new Alexa feature)

I still don’t see this feature… Is my only option to just use a custom switch?

Alexa, turn on my ________ routine. That’s what you need to say. The Alexa SmartApp has to have the routines turned on for this to work, and then run discovery. I had turned this feature on, but I was not getting the verb right, I guess.

You can get away with even saying less, you can just say: “Alexa, turn on [routine name]”


With Alexa on my Echo, it works as you stated, but with Alexa on FireTV, I have to add “routine” or she reports she cannot find the device.

I thought Amazon briefly introduced routines (perhaps prematurely) and then pulled them back in December.

Where in the SmartApp does one turn on routines? I don’t see it in the latest version.

Recently added feature:

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Go to the SmartApps tab on the Automations section, then tap on Amazon Echo. Right above “Help” near the bottom is a toggle named “Routines”

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Bruce, JD – thanks! Somehow I missed this and was looking in the Amazon App instead of the ST SmartApp. Doh.

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Is there a way to have Alexia tell you a a trigger has happen. Like movement in the front yard or the mail is here?

Not through any of the official Alexa features.

However, there are some community members who have built a combination of a custom smart things smartapp and a custom Alexa skill, and their skill can do exactly that. It requires some technical knowledge to set up and you have to sign up for free Amazon developers license, but it works very well and has become quite popular in the community.

You can read all about it in the community – created wiki

Or search the forums, there are many discussions regarding it. :sunglasses: