Alexa switch question

Recently I had a switch stop working correctly with echo it has been working for months. I believe it is when they integrated routines into echo.
In smart things I have a device set up as a switch called gate. I can tell alexa to turn off the switch and she turns it off no problem. BUT if i tell her to turn on the switch I get a response of “Im not quite sure how to help you with that” I am not sure if I can view a log in echo or where to even look at what echo tried to do or not do.

I have tried changing a few things around testing and have decided echo is ignorant…:slight_smile:
if I add the switch to an echo group and tell her to turn the GROUP name on or off it works
If i tell her to turn off the switch it works it seems to only be a problem turning on the switch
honestly I have lost track of what combo’s DO work. I do know for sure it refuses to turn on the switch
anyone have any suggestions on what or where to look ?

In my practice, Amazon/Echo seems to change the reserved names at irregular times, so “TV mode” worked last night but failed this night. Changing the device name to “idiot box” may fix it this night, but break again tomorrow night.

Above problem may be separate from Echo just not being sure of what device was identified in the command.

It seems that the names that develop problems are usually common, like “TV” or “Kitchen”, so uniquifying my echo device or group name is enough to workaround in either case.

I think you are correct. its kinda a pain in the arse and no log file of any kind is a serious problem when trying to trouble shoot.