Alexa + Sonos One - Audio devices in routine not supported on this device

I recently bought a Sonos One and have been having trouble with routines from Alexa.
When I create routines in the Alexa app (echo routines) which connects to a “smart home device” Alexa replies with “Audio device in routine is not supported on this device”, before carrying out the routine as intended. I have tried limiting the variables, meaning only with a device found in the Alexa app. I have also tried simply with a virtual switch not connected to anything (it doesn`t to anything else than turn on / off).

Since my intensions with having Alexa turn on a virtual switch was to trigger a WebCore piston, I have created a topic on the forum there.

I have there learned that this is a limitation of the Sonos One being a 3rd party Device.

My intent of also posting on this forum is to get some help with possible solutions here as well, reaching out to a broader audience. Could i use the Sonos One alongside an Echo Dot? In the same room? In seperate rooms? Should I stay away from routines until Sonos fixes this? Should I use groups instead, and if so, what approach would be closes to routines (bedtime, daytime, good morning, movietime etc)?