Alexa + Smartthings + Locks - New update from Smartthings

(Robin) #1

Thought this was an interesting development worth discussion… assume it’s only for lock and not unlock?

We’ve all been there. You’re lying comfortably in bed, just about to fall asleep when you suddenly wonder: “Did I lock the front door?” With Alexa’s new Lock Skill, SmartThings and a Yale Smart Lock, you can find out simply by asking, “Alexa, is my door locked?” And if it’s not, simply say, “Alexa, lock the front door.” Then get back to counting sheep.


Is this only for Yale locks? When was this update pushed?

I have the Schlage lock and not sure which skill they are referring to, i dont see a yale or schlage lock skill anywhere

If i ask alexa any of those questions/request alexa has no clue which lock even though i only have one lock lol listed.

(Jimmy) #3

This has been live in the USA since March. works with any ST lock.


Is there a special skill that needs to be enabled aside from the smartthings skill ?
I have tried word for word the same question/request and No dice with Alexa.

Has this worked successfully for anybody


I don’t remember adding any skills, one day I just said Alexa, lock the back door, and she did… wife said “Show off!”

And it was a monoprice lock :slight_smile:

(Bill S.) #6

It works for me (no Alexa skills needed), but the results are lackluster at best. I asked if my back door was locked (which it does automatically after the door closes) and Alexa told me that SmartThings thinks it was unlocked, which it wasn’t. This could be an issue with my DTH (I’m using the Universal Zigbee Lock DTH) though and reporting status to ST. I’ll revert to the stock DTH and test it again later.


there’s hope lol, I’ll reconnect/rediscover items from both alexa app and smartthings app to see if that makes a positive response.

(Robin) #8

About an hour ago to my email.

(Robin) #9

Should have known lol… you yanks get everything before us in the UK :uk:

(Bill S.) #10

Location, location, location… :wink: LOL

(Jimmy) #11

As long as the lock is added on both the ST and discovery run in Alexa, it should work. I have found it is very picky with wording, though. We only have one lock called “Front Door Lock” in ST. I’ve found Alexa won’t work if I just call it “lock”. I have to say “Front Door Lock” every time.

(Bill S.) #12

I took off the word “lock” on my locks specifically for that reason. I didn’t want to have to sit there and say “Alexa, lock the back door lock”. Much more natural to just say “lock the back door” or “lock the front door”.


good point lol I just changed it to ‘front door lock’ , back to drawing board… going to try ‘front door cyclops’ when I get back home.

(Ron Talley) #14

You can also say, Alexa, what is the status of the “X” Lock.

(Ron Talley) #15

In my case, she would have said, “You have multiple devices with that name, which one do you want?” I am stuck with putting Lock behind Front Door. :cry:

(Jimmy) #16

Same here.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #17

What you’re probably seeing here is that the lock is not sending an update status as soon as it locks. It may be because of built in battery saving.

(Bill S.) #18

Are you though? In your list, Front Door without “Lock” would be self-explanatory, no?

(Bill S.) #19

That’s what I am thinking. AFAIK, that’s standard for the Yale locks. It does eventually update in ST, but sometimes it gets confused.


Suggested rename lol:

Front Door Button Cont: not sure on this one, more descriptive Button Control Cyclops yeah I like that
Front Door Cam 1: Entrance Cam
Front Door Lock: Lock
Front Doorbell: Doorbell