Alexa/Smartthings integration

Is there any documentation on how the Alexa smartthings skill work? Is the code available?

It’s the same as any other Alexa smart home skill.

I don’t think the code has ever been available, but community members in the past have built their own equivalents with advanced functionality for the old architecture, including Alexa Speaks and EchoSistant. Those were shut down because they put too much load on the SmartThings Groovy cloud, but that wouldn’t be an issue with the new architecture where you provide your own hosting, so you could do something similar now if you wanted.

Did you have a more specific question?

:slight_smile: thanks. I don’t have the stamina to embark on building an Alexa skill at this moment -:slight_smile:

I have a virtual device with a windowShade capability. It works fine in Smartthings, but Alexa routines only show an open percentage command rather than open/close commands…

I’m debugging but was wondering whether there was any documentation on how Alexa treats capabilities/commands

Worst case, I will turn it into a switch (Which actually was how I had it set up before my latest edge migration adventures)

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