Alexa skill failing

For the last fortnight when asking Alexa to turn on a light, I’m told there is a problem please disable and then re-enable skill. This solves the problem but has happened every other day. I don’t know if this is an Alexa problem or a Smartthings issue but I’m rapidly falling out of love with a system that appears to be degrading before our eyes. I’m replacing my Osram bulbs which work via Smartthings with Kasa wifi equivalents and at some point I’ll replace the multi purpose and motion sensors and Z-wave siren with a Ring alarm set up. I’m probably overreacting but my needs are relatively simple so there it is. The only problem I can see is replacing the leak sensors as I don’t seem to be able to source a decent equivalent .

Ring has a zwave leak sensor.

What features were you looking for?

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Thanks that would be a perfect solution but doesn’t appear to be available in the U.K. There are plenty with audible alarms but I like a push notification .

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