Alexa Skill English AU - Devices unresponsive

(Andrew) #41

Just confirming I’ve tried it again just now and still seeing the same error you are in the live logging:
" 20:01:09: debug postEventToEndpoint: Error while trying to post event back to Alexa Forbidden"

Glad to see it looks like it will get some attention now.

(Joel) #42

I just got told this from Brent at samsung support

Unfortunately, yes sir in order for you to use the server correctly based off your region. You will need to switch over to the AU server. I do apologize for the inconvenience that this is causing you.

If this means manually switch over … (I’ve asked for confirmation of this) it will take me days and days. I’m not kidding. I have such a large setup on smartthings i simply don’t have the time. This is really disappointing.

EDIT: Yep confirmed

Dear Joel,

Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist you with that. Please contact our technical support department for assistance by calling Samsung Accounts: 855-795-0509, option 2. And an agent will be happy to assist you with migrating your account to a AU server.

(Joel) #43

Hey Brad - so will i have to migrate over to AU server manually to use this skill or can I use it on my existing smartthings setup?

you’re going to have plenty of users in the same boat as me


(Brad) #44

Hi Joel,

I don’t believe that will be necessary. A fix is in the works and I don’t think it will require action on the part of users. From what I understand, the issue relates to a disconnect between a non-AU Samsung account and an AU Alexa account but we should be able to work around that on our end.

(Joel) #45

Thank you. Ill sleep easy now ! (Seriously )