Alexa shows virtual switches as offline

I have the same problem. All works fine until today, sometime work and some time not.

I am having the same problem. Tried several of the suggestions. Some devices work again others still do not. Then some of the ones that started working stopped again. Very frustrating. It would be difficult to recommend using Amazon products with ST. All the devices work using the SmartThings App and manually turning them on. I have GE in wall switches, and ST smart outlets.

All my z-wave devices are showing as offline in Alexa app.
1st real Alexa issue I have experienced.
Although I suspect that it an issue with Smartthings…
My app notifications failed this morning until I deleted the smart app and recreated it. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence

This just started happening to us today after a smooth few months.

I am controlling my Z-wave devices with Alexa via the SmartThings hub.

When I give Alexa a command regarding a Z-wave device, she tells me the device is offline.

I’ve had to forget all of the devices (all GE in-wall dimmers) and then re-discover them. Sometimes they still register with Alexa as “offline” and I have to manually turn them on in the SmartThings app before Alexa can see that they are online.

I’ve even “repaired” my Z-wave network within the SmartThings and re-discovered all of the devices in the Alexa app.

My Cree Connected bulbs all operate fine, but they are Zigbee. It’s only the Z-wave devices that seem to be losing their communication with Echo.

Could this be related to the recent Echo firmware update?

I also have had issues tonight with some of my GE switches being offline, although it appears to be at random. I’ve got most of my house wired with GE smart switches, dimmers and fan controls and some are showing offline while others aren’t. I tried rediscovering them and it didn’t fix it. I can still control them in my ST app but not the ones offline through Alexa.

Nice to know others are having the same. All been working fine until tonight, when all of my zwave dimmers are marked offline by alexa. Usual removal and rediscovery doesn’t work.

Can anyone at ST shed any light on this? It must be a cloud to cloud issue…

Same here. Some zwave and my momentary Alexa helper switches do nothing.

Everything was working as it should this morning. How about you all?

Any ideas about what may have happened?

Seems to be working this morning for me. All devices show online and responsive to voice commands.

After one blip first thing this morning, it has been okay so far for me.

I spoke too soon.

I just tried again and same problem. Alexa tells me the device is offline and won’t operate the dimmer. If I turn the dimmer on via the SmartThings app Alexa once again works.

Nezmo, same here, it seems some voice commands work and others don’t.

Am having issues with Alexa trying to control the OSRAM light bulb. It had been working for months, but now it has started saying that the device is offline and is unable to control it.

Experiencing this issue the last 2 days. Alexa can’t find the switches and voice control doesn’t work, though as soon as I open the ST app Alexa begins working again. It seems as though the devices disappear from Alexa’s view and are then brought back to her attention via the SmartThings app.

Hopefully a fix is forthcoming.

Opps they did it again. messed with my alexa . got lost in the code.
my echo is having trouble controlling my Osram lights. This started happening at the same time the aeon minimote went down because of some update. Related … hmmmmmm?
I nominate the last update for worst update of the year award.

I’m having the same problem with the Osram bulbs. Also, they have not responded to my smart lighting app the last couple of days.

Ditto. As soon as I open the SmartThings app, Alexa recognizes the Z-wave devices as being online again.

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I am having the same issue with my Control4 devices, Alexa discovers 19 devices but many of them are showing as Offline. Some of them not showing as Offline, I get the response back that the device is not responding please check my network. Reading the posts in this thread it seems like this is a common problem. Has anyone gotten a resolution yet?

In my case and I believe others, this has been resolved.

Note, I always have various devices showing as offline in the Alexa app but it seems unrelated to the problem that did exist where the Echo would give voice feedback that the device you are trying to control is offline.

Right now I have several devices showing as offline in the Alexa app but I can control them via the Echo just fine.