Alexa routines after changing hubs

In case anyone else runs into this when changing hubs. I changed out my V1 hub for an Aeotec Smart Home Hub since the V1 is being retired. When I added my devices back to the new hub they all imported to Alexa automatically. I reset all my scenes in Smartthings Connect and they worked from Smartthings. I added the scenes into the Alexa routines and they worked from the app but not by voice. It took me a while but I finally figured out that you have to change the routine name to trigger the routine to be voice activated. So I toggled a change in every routine trigger phrase and now Alexa is activating the scenes correctly.


Thanks for this info. I may run into the same issue when I do the conversion soon.

Thanks for the information on setting up routines, but I was referring to existing routines that don’t respond to voice until the name is altered and updated.

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