Alexa routine, save a spotify song?

So I figured this would be simple. No. Since alexa can incorporate scenes which won’t clutter smartthings if I go through spotify, I’m trying to create a routine, that when you tell alexa you like this song, a web request is sent to webcore and track data from what is playing on sonos is retrieved, and sent to spotify to save through ifttt.

The issues are that spotify wants two separate values entered. One for song, and one for artist. I’ve tried several things with webcore by harvesting from other codes, but am unable to extract the information needed for global variables of song and artist.

I’ve tried using scrobble data from, and am able to get data from their server, but there is still the issue of what I’m supposing is parsing.

I’m hoping someone with the knowledge also sees the point of getting information from sonos that can be interacted with.